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From time immemorial mankind has written historical poems and sonnets, be-crying our love for all things edible. So too has he replaced the objects of physical emotions and encounters with the subtle characteristics of our sustenance. Hieroglyphs themselves, the precursor to the rise of language, struggle to convey man’s tumultuous life. As early as 3000BC (approx.) an ancient prose (engraved upon a tablet) was unearthed, in the area we now call Iraq. This litany encompasses food being given from maid ~ to master. The language is veiled, but the subtleties are not lost. Tender delicacies knit with gentle entreats ~ meatier sustenance represents the heartier and more robust emotion of our existence.

Move forward past centuries, to a new age of spectacular engineering and technological advancements, we find ourselves living in a world where our neighbors are those who live half way across the world. The internet, and it’s compatriot, social networking, have introduced an entirely new lifestyle to a generation who can remember the first programmable computer of the 1940’s. That time was still sweetly enveloped in “the written word”. Letters were arriving in mailboxes, worldwide, tender parchments filled with love ~ held dear for years on end.

Are our emotions any less sincere today? Are our hearts not feeling the same love, the same regrets, the same joy, the same sympathies? I think not. But I do think we have been led to the fountain of technology, and told to drink here…to not be dissuaded by the gentle rippling waters of the sweet nostalgic stream, which bubbles nearby. We are, in effect, offered ‘convenience’ and ‘promptness’ in exchange for the surrender of ‘a personal touch’.

This longing ~ this hunger ~ has given rise to “Pâtisseries Poétique de Muse™” (Poetic Pastries from Muse™).

My wish  is to grab a moment in time, to savor the splendor of receiving  true ‘mail’. To know that the words penned have meaning once more ~ to pull a tiny bow, which reveals the most loveliest of things, the sweetness of words ~ (muse)

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