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~ Butterfly Kisses – A Gentle Poem by Muse ~

Butterfly Kisses by Muse~Butterfly Kisses~
Aged imperfection ~
Stitched upon my face…
Years and years ~ Of wisdom…
Earned by Holy Grace.
Quiet solitude ~In a humble home…
All the family scattered ~
Like nomads ~ Do they roam.
Then a gift ~
Sent from above…
A memory ~Pure and tangible…
Wrapped in innocence ~And unquestioning love.
A butterfly kiss ~
Lands gently upon my cheek…
From an unseen child ~
A kiss most sweet…
Heaven grants grace ~ And tears follow…
As youth revisits ~This tired empty hollow.
(muse from book Enigmatic Evolution)

Pansylee VanMeteren Illustrator, Author, Poet, Songwriter Lyricst, Artist of WV - The Muse - Poetic Pastries

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Cris McDonald Shewchuk

Cris McDonald Shewchuk This poem describes exactly what I was feeling last night while watching Toy Story 3. It made me cry as I remembered so many things. My son going off the college. The children giving away their toys as they grew too old for them. The teddy bears that gave so much love and comfort being adopted by someone else. And just life in general…how it changes through the years. Muse, if you haven’t seen this movie, it is worth seeing.

Lynne Chi Chi Horridge

Lynne Chi Chi Horridge Love it

Shelly Nugent Lampshire

Shelly Nugent Lampshire As sweet as it gets. This is how I want to leave this earth. I secretly hope this child gains a spiritual guide.

Raquel Amaral

Raquel Amaral what a precious gift a butterfly kiss!

Rose Piedad
Rose Piedad oh beautiful! I love it Muse (“,)
“All the precious time
Like the wind, the years go by.See More
Pat Rundell Harris

Pat Rundell Harris I think this is my favorite.

Elizabeth Hunter

Elizabeth Hunter This is another one of my favorites in your book that is sitting in my living room on the table!!!

Pat Thomas

Pat Thomas truly Beautiful !!!

I Am The Muse
I Am The Muse Thank you everyone, so very much. All of us have felt the tenderness of a child’s Butterfly Kiss…
It is the purity of love expressed in it’s most delicate form. An innocence to be guarded and protected…and most treasured.
Tammy McCain

Tammy McCain sweet memories…..nothing can stir the soul more deeply!

Mandy White

Mandy White Beautiful! It gave me a nice warm fuzzy feeling inside, on a day when I really needed it. Thanks Muse! Sharing…