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Antoinette Aviary

Antoinette by Muse of Poetic Pastries

~ Historical Antoinette ~

Madame Antoinette Aviary, a trademark character by Muse of Poetic Pastries. Look closely and you will see that she sports a birdcage in her hair and in her gown. A tongue in cheek play of the characteristic historical figure of Marie Antoinette, Madame Aviary is prone to humorous exploits as well as solemn pondering. For now, her cage is closed, the birds of fancy…are they within or without? Either way she cries for cake as she awaits her fate. (renditions: variable)




Les Panasay de Muse

Apanasay Art Characters by Muse Historical Women - Masked Beauties

~ Les Panasay ~

Representing french characters of Poetic Pastries, Les Panasay de Muse (masked women of beauty) are all fantasy compatriots of the famous Parisian, Madame Antoinette. Within the art venue, Les Panasay de Muse characters seek to blend history; swanky advertising illustrations (think fashionable “Hollywood glam”) with the wonders of modern digital capabilities. Originating from Muse’s sketch pad ~ each beauty has a story to share. Compelling tales of emotion, whispered behind castle walls. Yearning, contentment and loss ~ encapsulated within haunting eyes. Beyond their amorous art ~ painted masks become keys…gateways to poetic souls. (renditions: variable)




Cupcake Cutekins


~ Sweet Sentiments ~

Showcasing the characters of Bonnie Berrie, and Billy Bob; Cupcake Cutiekins began life as infant teether prototypes from Muse. They have since evolved and are taking on a new look as they enter the North American marketplace. (renditions: variable)







 The Little Sprout

Characters by Muse - The Little Sprout

~ Colorful Little Sprout ~

The lead character of Muse’s first children’s book The Little Sprout. He has been described as “…a spunky little guy, eager to grow up and embrace life.” (BB) (renditions: variable)








Iris and Gertie

Characters of Muse - Iris and Gertie

~ Sisters of the Heart ~

The joys of sisterhood…whether by birth or by choice, the mantle of being a sister is always wonderful and sometimes quite humorous. Celebrate the wonders of sisterhood with Iris and Gertie. (renditions: variable)







Bon Bon Babettes

Fashionable Femmes by Muse

~ Ladies of Fashion ~

These characters relish life and are the epitome of style. The BonBon Babette ladies cover a wide range of historically correct fashion styles, offering an image for everyone’s taste. (renditions: variable)







World of Ellemist

ElleMist, the ancient Queen awaits the coming day….she holds her future in her hands. Standing guard for what may come, her ever present companion, cold steel, is her companion. Charged to keep the realm at peace…the fantasy tale is a homage to the sonnets in which her life is written. (renditions: variable)



Mind of Muse

An ethereal niche cradling all things penned and poetic. (renditions: variable)



Industry Workshop

steampunk art illustrations by muse

~ Keeping the Law~

Amalgamation of fantasy, steampunk and poetry ~ resulting in ooak art by Muse. (renditions: variable)








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