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~Glow On Marie Antoinette~

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Shine on and shine bright …
NO ONE has the power to take your light.


I Read This Today;

“Assertiveness is the ability to formulate and communicate one’s own thoughts, opinions and wishes in a clear, direct, and non-aggressive way. It is the ability to express oneself and one’s rights without violating the rights of others. The ability to be assertive is an asset which is necessary to achieve worthwhile aims and impose some order and justice in one’s environment. Assertiveness does not equate to being selfish as one pays attention to not only his/her own rights but also is sensitive to the rights of others.” Shital Ravi

For me, I think being empowered with confidence makes one “glow” … there seems to be a light that radiates around someone who appears Confident. If we were to think of those women throughout history who no doubt shined with assertive confidence, we cannot help but add Marie Antoinette to the list (albeit a sad footnote to history).

French Cake Notecard Vintage Antoinette
Introducing oil rendition of Madame Antoinette Aviary, a trademark character by Muse of Poetic Pastries. Look closely and you will see that she sports a birdcage in her hair and in her gown. A tongue in cheek play of the characteristic historical figure of Marie Antoinette, Madame Aviary is prone to humorous exploits as well as solemn pondering. A pondering french Madame Antoinette Aviary, peers into future…does she see what awaits her? For now, her cage is closed, the birds of fancy…are they within or without? Either way she cries for cake. Note cards are offered in Multiple sizes.

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