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~ Heart’s Ascension – Poem by Muse ~

~ Heart’s Ascension ~
Slip away softly
To rekindle our love
Our dreams shall consume us
Past today and beyond
Basking in the moon’s reflection
Soaring in the angels’ altitude
Moving together in a new direction
Our aspirations will we ensue
The glass staircase beckons
Where souls melt into the wind
The hall of mirrors waits
As we thus ascend
Reflections of life’s painted memories
Stained glass wizardry whose allure
Dances upon us in the salient sun
Galactic kingdoms to be plundered and won
Heavenly bodies vaulting the moon
Grasping the tails of comets
Who return to earth much too soon
(muse from Anthesis)

Pansylee VanMeteren Illustrator, Author, Poet, Songwriter Lyricst, Artist of WV - The Muse - Poetic Pastries

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  1. Great heart pounding work. This is one that could be read at a wedding! Some might faint as the words HEAVENLY BODIES are read, but maybe they will think you are writing about stars ! WINK WINK

  2. Love LOVE Love this one! You are the expert in blending romance, faith and fantasy :)

  3. Is this happy times or sad I do not know as I read the lines many times. It is beautiful but I want to know and be more understanding of the story.

  4. The bind of hearts. Love forever in time. I can see the forever love walking on stairs to heaven! It is a wonderful poem.

  5. I have long since regarded this work to be one of my favorites. The book’s pages are tabbed for my “go to” selections. Anthesis has warmed my heart strings many times over.

    Finding a way to express love in it’s deepest and truest form continues to be a sought after path. You are one of the very few who have found the path, traveled and shared your journey.
    Stay Well Read and Well Spoken

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