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~ you are entering a world of poetic intoxication ~

a place where brush meets quill

a convergence of reality and dreams

a key to unlock hidden treasures

a confectionery collage which feeds the senses and soothes the soul

a land where there are layers and layers

a universe of innocent fancies and virgin mirth

welcome to Museland

Pansylee VanMeteren, artist, author, poet,  illustrator, lyricist, and designer ~ invites you to visit these fine retailers:

Home Furnishings, Spoonflower, Demand Studios, Paperless Post, Mozilla, CowCow, Pier1, Country Door, Cafe Press, Hardmans, Uncommon Goods, Monet/Claiborne, Valley Express, Shutterstock, Iemporium, Neiman Marcus, White Iris Designs, MerckiStock, ArtFire, Zazzle, AMAEtsy, Vat19, CoverJunctionSerengeti, Markwood/Weimer, 4Vector, What On Earth, Nintendo, Ashton Woods, ThemeForestFXCoversNsuchAnimal Crossing, iMBC, Night-Helper, RagTags, Free Quotes and More, PhotoDune, Colourbox, Windy Ridge Estates, AboutEducation, Funimation, WikiHow, TrendyPaperCovers, Creative Market, JotForm, iphone6wallpapers, VanMeterInc.

Color is my day long obsession ~ my joy and my torment. (monet) (Tweet)Muse of Poetic Pastries Tweets for Twitter


  • public and private commissions considered
  • artistic and literary works to beautify…
  • cards
  • invitations
  • designs
  • illustrations
  • graphics
  • paintings
  • collaborations
  • sculptures
  • writing
  • poetry
  • home-goods
  • fabrics
  • clothing
  • music
  • e-cards
  • and more

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