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Pansylee VanMeteren’s, (Muse’s) poetic insight has now taken to the sweet strumming of guitar and haunting melodies of the piano. Listen to a country pop rock tune of Sweet Moonshine, where a young couple finds love in southern Georgia or an emancipation cry of a heart in search of answers with the more edgy Do You Know.  Her lyrics are sure to become favorites (see you at the AMA, CMA and the Grammy’s)!

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Harem of One Album Notes:

Harem of One - Country Rock Song - Lyrics by Muse of Poetic Pastries

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 Young love ~ immortal and unfettered. Those bright hearts are landscapes untouched by the social/economical forays of life. They are kings and queens, existing on the sustenance of passion. Engulfed, entangled, entrenched ~ they are consumed ~ they are blissfully content to dwell within a Harem of One.

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Electrified Currents Album Notes:

Pop Rock Electrified Currents - Lyrics by Muse of Poetic Pastries

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 Love, that unseen electrified current surges through our past and cleanses our wounds. It bathes us in a renewal so complete; our heart, mind, body and soul are purified. There comes a time to peel back the layers, to look at what lies beneath the glimmer of the surface. It is in that dark rich soil we find our seeds, our roots. Often there is a past pain, bathed in love…it rises from the deep abyss.

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 Do You Know by Muse

Song Entittled Do You Know

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I cannot remember
When the day of life began ~
The uphill battle of this journey
In a life that keeps on turning
What will I be? Where will I go?
Do you know…Do you know?…

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 Sweet MoonShine by Muse


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Sitting by the river on a Georgia night
Me and my gal just had a little fight

And now I’m skipping stones
Off an old pine log – plunkin’ the water
While the bull frogs call…

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Love is an act of endless forgiveness, a tender look ~ which becomes a habit. (ustinov) (Tweet)Muse of Poetic Pastries Tweets for Twitter


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