Custom Bookplate Initial Deposit


Custom Bookplate Art Design Services
15.00 non-refundable initial deposit
15.00 due upon completion of commissioned work final payment

If there is a specific vision you have for a bookplate, be it for a Muse creation or a set of bookplates, for your personal library ~ Muse is ready to assist you.

Deposit Price 15.00
Tax 0.90

DESIGN Questionnaire/Info Sheet

  1. Size of bookplate desired (example; 4×4, 5×3 etc)?
  2. Colors in order of preference (example; blue, white, green)?
  3. Style or theme (example; cottage, steampunk, etc.)?
  4. If free, a printable bookplate will be sent to you by email  *the bookplate may be printed in any quantity, if the watermark or other identifier remains.
  5. Commissioned work  *you will receive an invoice from Poetic Pastries  – this non-refundable deposit is required before work begins=15.00 – The Final remaining fee=15.00 is due before electronic delivery of art work. You will have two design changes allowable for the Total Original Hire fee=30.00 +tax.  After that, the commission will extend only if both parties agree. * the final bookplate design will be delivered by email – you may print in any quantity. (the identifier/watermarks are far less obvious in commissioned work).
  6. Phrases or terms desired (example; this book is the property of: ….. or this book belongs to….. etc.)…
  7. Shall the bookplate fill a specific name? or shall it remain blank? (example; this book belongs to ______ or this book belongs to Tommy)
  8. Contact name, and email address for the bookplate request?
  9. Do you wish the bookplate signed by Muse?
  10. Please include any other relevant information you feel is important for Muse of Poetic Pastries to complete your bookplate request.