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~Where is Your Compass Pointed~

Congratulations Card for Her Pink and Gold
Watercolors, harlequin pattern metallic stenciling (faux) and punch it foil drops all combine to offer up a celebratory CONGRATS for a gal who believed she could achieve her dreams. This is an online replication of our in studio 24×36 art canvas.

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Great Read Today;

“Got a Dream?

Achieving certain dreams often requires FAR LESS WORK than achieving other, seemingly easier goals. Why is that so?

Because it is much, much harder to work for to achieve a dream we don’t passionately desire. But when you manage to get yourself focused on what is naturally a passionate interest. your work becomes play.

Is Your Dream a Good Fit?

Hopefully you have invested some thought clarifying your dream … and you know exactly what you want. If that is the case. why not take a few minutes to ask yourself an important question — am I pursuing the right dream and goal for ME?

Here is why that is so important: You will never really achieve your true potential as long as you pour your energy into something that does not really fit your true passions and interests! Does that seem too simple?

Think about it. It is often very easy to automatically adopt someone elses goal. We were trained to do that very thing as children.

Ninty-nine percent of us were fully expected to achieve the goals our parents and educational system set out for us. Some of us gave in and tried to comply. Some of us rebelled and learned to fail instead. And some of us felt somehow inadequate because we did not have the natural interest and/or aptitude to do what we were expected to do.

If you find you never seem to achieve your goals, you may be setting goals you don’t really desire or believe in for yourself.

This is never going to lead to success. What leads to is one false start after another… and a tendency to want to quit after the first bump in the road. This is a major dead-end, and will do nothing but gradually erode your self confidence.


Three things will happen if you make the effort to refocus yourself around a dream and supporting goal that is more in keeping with your natural talents and passions:

First, you will be happier, less stressed, and far more productive.

Second, you will be more likely to hang in when you hit those jarring bumps in the road.

ThirdPsychology Articles, there is a higher probability you will achieve a level of excellence at what you’re doing. This increases your value thereby increasing your potential for increased return on your efforts.

Put your goal to the test. Does it truly “measure up” to your innermost desires?Now … ask yourself this question: What do you have to do NOW to get what you want?” By Jill Ammon-Wexler visit the website Build Mind Power.

Pink Polka Dot Encouragement Greeting Card
Soft watercolor sweetness bring a polka dot dream to life; accompanied by hand written calligraphy. An online rendition of our unique work sold in the Poetic Pastries studio.This card’s interior message can easily be changed using the zazzle tools and quickly changes from Encouragement – to a greeting of any sort for those whom are held dear.

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