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Welcome to the whimsical world of Muse ~ Poetic Pastries Studio. Watercolors, illustrations and graphic designs adorn canvases, stationery, fashions, textiles, products, wall art and digital prints. Colorized concoctions are 'baked' daily; confections for heart and soul, iced with vibrant displays of fairytale bliss. We are seduced by the sweet seduction of paint. The studio's art serves clients in residential, business, cinematic, military, industrial and faith venues.


Serving as a team member with global marketing agencies – Poetic Pastries Studio has assisted in brand advertising. Cultural integration into product packaging requires the ability to mix style and form. Using creativity, the Studio assists brands in connecting visually and emotionally with their consumers, while conveying a sense of comfortability and allure.


Canvas to digital, Poetic Pastries brings dreams to reality. The studio was established by Pansylee VanMeteren (aka Muse) in 1999. Poetic Pastries specializes in product branding and creative team management. In the midst of modern chaos, the Studio conjures up magical lands of make believe, whimsical worlds of wonder and utopian universes showered in happiness. Unabashedly 'joy-filled' Poetic Pastries offers downloadable art graphics, as well as unique canvases. Access to the Studio's work is available through several galleries, licensed resellers, retail marketplace and multiple affiliate companies. Commissions are accepted if compatible with Studio's current work schedule. Get in touch; let us know how Poetic Pastries Studio can help you today!




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wall art




textile prints

product branding

character forming

art management

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It all begins with a dream. At Poetic Pastries Studio we are firm believers that the painted visions of kaleidoscopic happiness are best when shared. ~ Over the years the Studio has flexed its muscles internationally. Meeting trends, head on and often bucking the ‘norms’.

Poetic Pastries playground has been at Zazzle for over ten years. Pre-made products ranging from postcards to wedding invitations – fashion forward clothing to creative wall art … the Studio’s affiliation with Zazzle has jettisoned Muse’s whimsy across the globe!

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