~A Fish Out Of Water~

dear diary,

today was spent working with a new photo editing/film making software. i feel like a fish out of water, as the program is entirely new to me. so i decided early on, that the first attempt, would be relatively simple. i believe that i accomplished no frills video to go with the song Do You Know. there are moments of sheer genius 🙂 although they may be hidden to the naked eye. i lingered here and there…on images where the words fit the picture so perfectly. i timed the fades, pixels and more to hit the beats/words to create an impact.

will the video ever win an award? i daresay, no. but it matters little. i think i like it. one thing i have noticed, is that i am writing and creating imagery that is overwhelmingly “femme” (ponder ponder ponder). and yes, this muse is a girl…i would never consider myself a frilly girly girl muse. (ponder ponder ponder) i think that the warrior muse in me will make a debut. i shall offer up her strength in sonnet (perhaps song…perhaps video)(a hopefully decidedly better video, one that i can say i did have to sport pool floaties to create).