Pansylee VanMeteren ...

Is an innovative artist. Her illustrations, graphics and watercolors combine layers of appealing wonderment.  Blending soulful life experiences with technicolor expertise; Pansylee’s designs generate a nuanced style which is uniquely whimsical.


Heed the Call ...

Illustration Concept

Beyond the Military ...

She continues to illustrate thousands of delightful freeware/clipart graphics –  becoming the 16th largest creator of copyright free artwork in the United States.

Broadening the Studio’s outreach, Pansylee organized online classes for veterans – establishing a network of craftsmen dedicated to assisting patriots through military art therapy.

Patriotic Canvas Art

Creativity surrounds Pansylee’s life; school, church, business, military and home life – wherever she wanders, visual playgrounds ensue. Her imaginative illustrations and paintings are found on wall murals, art canvases, printed materials, textiles, fashions and products. Preferring her whimsical portfolio over more serious art pieces is a testimony to Pansylee’s joyful nature.

fulbase-play (1)

Her brightly colored graphics echo fondly held memories; laughter reading the “Sunday funnies”, smiles from simple knock knock jokes and the joy of carefree hearts. Juxtaposed  are her watercolor canvases – lovingly mixed subtle rainbow reflections; awash in dreamy hues, all reminiscent of vintage times – a craft blending opulence and simplicity.



Resolute prompting and encouragement from her blog followers led Pansylee to place her designs for sale online; making her largest impact on the website Zazzle. She holds several awards for creative excellence, her designs have been highlighted and her award winning vintage Christmas angel greeting card design has been Zazzle’s longest running top seller in it’s category for over ten years.



The progression of Pansylee’s  portfolio, launched her into the world of graphic illustration;  as a team-member on  multiple international creative review boards whose campaign emphasis formulated product packaging, marketing and advertising for new products, with cultural significance.  Advancement to her portfolio, came with Muse’s move into the color filled genre of anime; contributing to the cinematic, television and advertising industries of Japan, Korea and the United States.  What does the future hold for Pansylee will she ever stop creating?  She ponders the question and smiles innocently, “Why, I’m still searching for that perfect hue of aqua blue -I certainly can’t quit now!”