Acetate Art

“A painter should begin every canvas with a wash of black, because all things in nature are dark except where exposed by the light.” Leonardo da Vinci



Experimental art is fun! The studio always enjoys the creative process; and yet, during these free flowing endeavors the feeling magnifies. Completed original works are sold, while prints are generated to allow more public access.




These creations are mostly designed for unique wall art, interior decor. Reproduction through digital means, permits avenues such as stationery and product embellishment to enter Muse’s world of slinging paint.

Specialty Techniques

acetate gallery

“It was a set of 1920 cellulose acetate greeting cards of my grandmother’s which lured me to my first artistic experiment using paints and acetate. I longed to recreate that ethereal feeling; seeing the boldness of the painted design dance about the sheerness of the sheeting. Since then, I have added my own personalized twists in the process; yes, it is highly time consuming and prone to mishaps, but an absolute joy if all goes well.” (muse)

“… my paintings on acetate are usually done with alcohol inks or acrylics – the next step is to light the colorized works from underneath (through water) – I use a glass bowl; and the last step is to photograph the results.” (muse)

Half of acetic acid production in the world is utilized in the production of vinyl acetate, (which is precursor regarding polyvinyl alcohol; which in turn is a ingredient of most paints). The other main relegated use of acetic acid is during the manufacturing process of cellulose acetate. Acetate i.e. cellulose acetate is all around us. Stencil craft sheets, artists animation cells and even the cd/dvd(s) we listen and watch incorporate acetate.


Whimsical Graphics

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