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“Every portrait that is painted with feeling is a portrait of the artist, not of the sitter.” Oscar Wilde


Portrait painting is a genre of art, whose intent is to symbolize a particular human attribute. Artists who specialize in creating portraits are most notably retained on commission.


 However, the desire to ‘paint faces’ leads many creatives to look for inspiration among the populace. Photographs, relatives, remembrances, chance meetings and imaginary characters can be among the many subjects to grace a canvas. Utilizing portrait art for interior design decor adds a remarkable sense of personalization. Portrait prints can be realistic or surreal. They can be a caricature of the individual or a reflection of their outward appearance. Poetic Pastries Studio showcases the portrait creations from Pansylee VanMeteren – these portrait artworks are a living interpretation of Oscar Wilde’s quote (see above). “I paint what I see, beyond the face; my final canvases are in essence, open doors to each subject’s soul”. (muse)

Painting Whimsical Beauty

In the past, portraits were usually reserved as a method to memorialize the wealthy, elite and upper-class. As time passed, the strong holds of power waned and a new group of socio-economic industrialists planted their feet. These educated, embryonic financial titans of the middle-class, entered into the world of art with a passion. With their support, burgeoning, heretofore unknown portrait artists, were commissioned to mirror faces of family, business compatriots and even beloved pets. In modern times, portrait painting is frequently requested by political administrations, government regimes, industries, groups and individuals. The artistry of rendering the beauty of the human face is no longer reserved for only ‘the rich and famous’; (thank goodness!).


Portrait Placement

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