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I am a vintage creation enjoying the winter of my life (some might call me old … although I prefer to say ‘seasoned’).  Known by friends as Muse; my interests are varied; each day becomes an opportunity to greet life with gusto!  The style of Poetic Pastries cannot be pegged exactly ~ most people have come to call it simply Musey-ness ~ a term I welcome warmly.  This website and journal have been created to spread a little artistic, confectionery joy to others.

A peek into Poetic Pastries’ portfolio will showcase a kaleidoscope of design styles; several licensed to international manufacturing companies while others are available as print on demand art with a myriad of product options. Illustration, design, as well as poetry, become ingredients in my imaginative kitchen. Recent venues now encompass premium quality, print ready, “downloadable” files, direct to the client from the website shop. Specializing in creating graphics for unique gifts, home decor, holiday accessories, greeting cards and apparel, Poetic Pastries is a visionary bakery offering ‘Sweet Treats for Mind and Soul’.

Design and Illustration Services of Poetic Pastries

As a military veteran, I embrace ‘art therapy’ for wounded warriors; offering workshops for my fellow brothers and sisters who wore the uniform.  Classes are held through online forums and in conjunction with nationally recognized groups; DAV (Disabled American Veterans), WWP (Wounded Warrior Project) and the VA (United States Veteran’s Administration).



Each review the Studio receives presents an opportunity for growth, along with a chance to build a connection of trust. Over the years, Poetic Pastries clientele have become more than simply “repeat customers” ~ a tether has developed, friendships have bloomed.  Loyalty of brand, enchantment of style and an expectation of being whimsically nourished through the many designs and illustrations of Muse are all measures of what the Studio calls ‘Success Souffle’.

Thank you for visiting the artistic world of Pansylee VanMeteren (aka: Muse) and my Poetic Pastries Studio!



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