Custom Clothing Designs

“The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.” Aristotle


Creative Fashion Graphics for T-shirts and Totes

Fashion should always be fun! If you can’t wear something that makes you happy then don’t wear anything at … (oops, we won’t go that far)  – Our Poetic Pastries t-shirt,  clothing and accessories gallery has something for everyone.

Artful Fashion Sensibilities

Clothing designs also encompass patriotic and faith filled creations, a favorite fashion choice for men – which allow their voices to be heard. We offer bold graphics at both our own DIY Shop or premade Poetic Pastries Zazzle

Youth (i.e. children’s clothing) as well babies, are not forgotten in Poetic Pastries collection. Check out a few samples of our awesome baby tote / diaper bags … perfect gifts to give and totally easy to personalize.

Apparel created for age appropriate wear, means no more frustration or confusion when dressing your children or infants. Finding something unique to fit you and your loved ones; along with fashion accessories to match, has never been so easy or affordable. At Poetic Pastries ZAZZLE shop; all the designs are ready to transfer from size to size; meaning you can select an art graphic you love and it will transfer from infant to toddler and to youth (and yes, even adult sizes too) with ease.

Commissioned Custom Designs

Who doesn’t enjoy a new addition to their wardrobe?  With Poetic Pastries graphic designs and your customization, the options are endless; from summer’s sporty trends (tank tops, sports bras and t-shirts) to winter’s layered looks (sweatshirts, hats and hoodies) – Funny t-shirts; sure to bring a laugh – or pretty print (tops) which flatter your shape (patterns painted to please).

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