Christmas CD Cover

Branding, Identity
Oct 2018

CD Art Cover Design

Upon hearing the title song, my first thoughts were of the ancient Judean skies, the star of Bethlehem, visions of silhouetted architecture and the nativity – upon further research, I found many of these ideas had already been rendered in form or another.

Why not highlight the gift that was placed beneath those skies? At that point, the path for this journey was set; the Christ child, one blue eye and brown eye, with crosses in each – innocent beauty – wrapped in swaddling – radiating heaven’s starlight – gazing at the world underneath the star of Bethlehem.


To create an art design that tied into the title song – ‘Under Bethlehem Skies’ – with an emphasis in having the cover ‘make you want to listen’.


Expertise Areas
Line, AI, Poser


Oct 2018


EastValley Chorale AZ