11 thoughts on “~ Do You Know (Video and Song) ~

  1. Lyrics written by Muse’s Poetic Pastries

  2. Women! women! women! There are really lots of beautiful women in the fashion industry. I love their faces when they project. Charming, isn’t it. I wonder if they’re being comfortable with the make-up they’re wearing. The music, fits just right for those beautiful faces! terrific-I can now be saying I know Muse who is a song writer. I can dance with Muse!

  3. Beautiful! Oh G Beautiful Muse! The music touched me, the beautiful faces of those women mesmerized me, the theme was so emotional like as if I wanna cry. What else could I ask for? This is just very phenomenal than any of those videos I had already watched in class. I have the best teacher and her words sing to me now.

  4. i wonder if how i would look like if i become a model like them.
    would i sing like that?
    one thing i don’t have is the height, really depressing just the thought of it!
    i could only sing short songs HA
    they’re just so gorgeous! needed for this gorgeous melodies.
    well, i’ll just remember what my mother said to me, “you are the most beautiful in the world”,it makes me somehow relieved by the frustration every time i see beautiful girls like them.
    so i say to everyone now DO YOU KNOW? i think ms muse be knowing.

  5. Yeah, I think I could agree with you all. It’s really mind blowing. Wow is the most for me to say. Words that are inside my heart are not out dancing and asking to all of you. Like its telling me to go to sleep now because I can rest that I have said it all. Really, the music is so good! Even by not looking at the screen while the music is playing I am feeling that I am free.

  6. good women and good beats. the voices sing and play. when you look at them all, they’re so yummy! they are mouth watering. no, actually, i am thinking right now of unripe mango! lol yummy
    good thing our neighbor have lots of them on their tree. he shared with us. and asked me on the classes. i shared my works today. he says that music words are to be asking about our own hearts not other hearts.

  7. The cover picture in this video really looks like a mummy! Don’t make me wrong..She really looks just like it! Is there words in song that tell me why? I ask.
    Clearly they can’t show anything unclean, so they wrap the girl with that cloth..nice one!
    Is she wrapped as a present? What are the words to the image. I cant find.
    The words are confusing. I don’t understand.

  8. ok so WHY do they always show the mummy-looking girl every after another sexy girl? She’s sexy anyway like any other girls in the vid. Why don’t you take off that cloth,lady? Don’t you feel uncomfortable?
    ok for serious of i think that we have to find our road. When road is stated we take the path and say to our friends this is the one.

  9. Hey you! before you criticize other people, maybe you should look at yourself in the mirror! Look at your English construction. Why don’t you have your resolution today? It’s already 2012 you know! Now we’re all nearly dying because of the joke players. The song is living her life and feeling that other persons don’t know her. She is just knowing herself as she is growing.

  10. i will be hearing these songs all in my day.
    that is a good day to have!
    she is on a search to know where she loves, lives and finds joy.

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