13 thoughts on “~ Eternity – Poem by Muse ~

  1. a new work with a celtic feel….

  2. Nice and cool! I could say the person behind this is having a difficult time. The meaning is making me anything but numb. Good thing I managed to move on when my gf broke up with me. So, she is now seeing someone right now. Gawd! Sheโ€™s really a warrior! The worst partโ€ฆI loved her. She gave me those kinds of kisses.

  3. Wow..the picture is so refreshing.. the poem, itself, could have been very inspiring. It’s like a dream that I don’t even want to wake up. Really good! I feel so in love just by reading the message. How I miss my special someone right now ๐Ÿ™

  4. Seriously? Okay Yes! I would love you, my darling! I will set you free and will hold you forever, til eternity. What do I get from being so copycat?Ms Muse? hahaha…
    This is really good!(being a copycat again..) The message really penetrated to my heart!
    It’s as if your words are those inside me.

  5. The picture is nice. Very cool to look at, old styles, very fluff and lacey. Very refreshing to see a sweetness. And the words are so floating in clouds divine. I think maybe I could save it as my desktop background ๐Ÿ™‚ Great thinking! Why wouldn’t I do that?! hehehe…
    That woman there, is LADY GAGA…not.

  6. @cherryblossoms: You’re too good to be true! You know what? You can drag yourself into an acting audition. You could be an actress you know. That’s what they all gonna need, your being copycat. Speak Shakespeare and let Ms Muse grade you then. Anyway, I’m not criticizing you, I’m just telling you, why not you can do it. I can hear you saying these lines to you know who! Memorize these lines, that are so warming and we’re good! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. LOL! Yeah! htclaire, you’re right.
    Why haven’t I think about that in the first place?!
    She really looks just like lady gaga stylings…Probably the hairdo! LOL
    Anyhow, it just fits right for her. She’s sexy, anyway! So, why not?
    She looks good and she is speaking the words of love.
    Her menu of lovely words will be given to her lover and then night falls.
    Yes, I think this is a love me now card saying.

  8. You know what? I don’t get the last part of the poem. I read it more times. It seemed contradicting in my thoughts. Can you hold and be set free too?
    Lady gaga? Were you the one who wrote that? I don’t see that gaga goul. This lady is lovely. And looks like the princesses in books.
    She’s not just seducing anyone who would take a glance at her.You see, she seemed uncomfortable in the pic, she is only talking to one man. You made her whispers come to life in the light.

  9. You got me right there, you chick! You’re so sexy! And your sweet song poem has bitten me.
    You know what people, just leave her alone. I claim her. She is talking love dreams to me.
    She will be going out with me sooner or later.
    You’ll see.

  10. Oh great! Now I remember my favorite singer in our country Rachel Ann Go singing from the start-Promise that you’ll always love me-That I will be your one and only and that you’ll hold me ’til eternity.

    Watch it in youtube Muzey and you’ll know how wonderful the meaning of the song is! Like these dripping words of love you made, the joys of love make you fly. I love the work.

  11. Words that are like sugar. They are sweet and fill my skin with tingles. Oh how beautiful.
    That something on her head is really cute (How did they do that? Maybe I could try it some time, cause I sew)
    I will try it and then see if I can say sweet beautiful words to my lover like this!

  12. Like——> if you think the girl looks like LADY GAGA

    Share—–> if you think the girl looks like MEGAN YOUNG

    Comment—-> if you think the girl has totally unique
    physical appearance!
    Do all of the above if Ms Muse Rocks Poetry!!!
    …vote now! Let’s see who wins!

  13. The Muse works are not something you should be laughing about. Is anyone taking our class seriously. All these are all made by someone very inspired and beautiful! Don’t you see? Everything here is beautiful. You may not agree or it make may you have a emotion that hurts. But to better learn and know this language, the understanding must be in the loving of it all. Images, and the words she Muse has blended she is certain that they could really touch someone’s heart! Please be positive in thinking and behaviors. Don’t you find it interesting? I do. I looked up many words. And they are my friends forever. I am learning this here. In a world of poems.

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