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Downloads are art designs created specifically to be uploaded to your selected photo or print shop; to create large scale art work or to place on products. The most popular sizing is 11 x14, but great news, you can go larger or smaller! With Poetic Pastries downloaded wall art, you can print notecards to banners with ease. How is this possible? By using lossless vectorization, the SVG format brings clarity at all levels.

Non-Vectored art is by special order and is painted in house. Any work seen in our gallery can be created for you, as well as commissioned work.  Contact the studio and we will be pleased to assist.

EPS files can be delivered if needed but are not offered as standard unless listed

PDF files are used for delivering your “printable’. A printable should be considered best printed at no larger than 8×10. Poetic Pastries printable wall art is designed with the main idea that you will be using your home printer.

SVGs represent the Studio’s vectored art, which is used to deliver our downloadable art. Designs can be scaled up or down in size without loss of quality.

All digital art will  require you to click on a link from your computer to obtain your purchase – from our system, files will be transferred to you. You can save on desktop, document file etc. the choice is yours.

Most often, instantaneous delivery occurs – if not, an email will be provided to you with a link to the download page within approximately 15 minutes of payment clearing, depending on the store’s volume. If you didn’t get the email, follow the directions on your purchase confirmation to go to the download page. Or contact the Studio and our team will validate your payment and email the files, if you have problems with downloading.

Please check your computer’s ability to open zipped file folders before buying pack items. If your computer is unable to open zipped file folders, you will be unable to use your purchase if you selected an art pack.

You can now print as many copies as you like for your OWN PERSONAL USE – but no commercial use is allowed unless you have bought a design license.  At home or at your local office supply shop you can print the files or upload them to a print and ship website (POD like Wal-Mart, Walgreens, Costco, Poetic Pastries Zazzle,  etc)


4″ x 6″ (600 pixels x 900 pixels)
5″ x 7″ (750 pixels x 1050 pixels)
6″ x 6″ (900 pixels x 900 pixels)
8″ x 10″ (1200 pixels x 1500 pixels)
8.5″ x 11″ (1275 pixels x 1650 pixels)
11″ x 14″ (1650 pixels x 2100 pixels)
12″ x 12″ (1800 pixels x 1800 pixels)
12″ x 16″ (1800 pixels x 2400 pixels)
16″ x 20″ (2400 pixels x 3000 pixels)
18″ x 24″ (2700 pixels x 3600 pixels)
19″ x 13″ (2850 pixels x 1950 pixels)
20″ x 24″ (3000 pixels x 3600 pixels)
24″ x 24″ (3600 pixels x 3600 pixels)
12″ x 36″ (1800 pixels x 5400 pixels)
24″ x 36″ (3600 pixels x 5400 pixels)

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Printable Wall Art Terms

• Listings are for a digital art designs – no physical items will be transferred.
• Digital products are not returnable or exchangeable.
• Customization or personalization requests Contact Us
• Colors vary due to monitor and printer settings. Hex Decimal and tonal stats can be provided if needed Read More
• All Poetic Pastries Studio art is for personal home or office use. No commercial resale is authorized. Should you wish to inquire about licensing please email our  Marketing Manager,  Abigail.


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