Jesus First Illustration Art

Coffee Jesus and Me T-shirtsthese designs can be found in this collection:

Priorities; Jesus above all; yes, even coffee ~ Each item from Poetic Pastries is sure to provoke emotion ~ the unique illustrations, paintings and collages allow your gift/purchase to become a treasure. Artwork can be transferred from product to product; utilizing the Zazzle customization tools, you will need to adjust the sizing according to each item’s requirements. Should you have any problems, feel free to message Poetic Pastries through Zazzle. #art4faith #fashion4faith #gracesprinkles

Fashion for Faith

Don’t hide your light beneath a bushel – Let the world know you’re grateful & blessed ~ #fashion4faith ~ May the Lord God be your raiment – Clothing options for women, men & children include faith, humor, veterans, inspiration motivation. Kind TIP: all of my art designs you find in this collection can be transferred to other products supplied by Zazzle (and vice versa) ~ Enjoy


Pansylee VanMeteren Illustrator, Author, Poet, Songwriter Lyricst, Artist of WV - The Muse - Poetic Pastries


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