~ Love Poem – Aortic Iron by Muse ~

~ Aortic Iron ~
At the apex of my soliloquy
I languish where the surf meets the sand
Barely existing in a false sanctity
In the elusiveness of man ~

My porcelain heart encased in iron
Beats in a surreal doloroso
Caravans of carriages
Wind along paths beneath my feet ~

If I had the time of mountains
A wanderer of the universe would I be
Dancing in the wind
Dancing in the waves
Immersing my bareness
In nameless woodland streams ~

Searching to be nurtured
And longing to be weaned.
My aortic iron
Forged with silver seams
Needs to come unraveled
Dissected at the seams ~
On the shores of immortality
I would weave a stretto web
Capturing compassion and confessions
From both the living and the dead ~

The triangulation of my soul
Earth ~ Heaven ~ Inner Sea
If I had the time of mountains
This is how it would be ~
But I dream
For I am at the apex of my soliloquy
Languishing where the surf meets the sand
Barely existing in a false sanctity
In the elusiveness of man.
(by muse)

Pansylee VanMeteren Illustrator, Author, Poet, Songwriter Lyricst, Artist of WV - The Muse - Poetic Pastries


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Rose Piedad
Rose Piedad i’m so lucky that i met you Muse smile emoticon
you know i love poetry… i love all your posting here!

Bonnie Levy

Bonnie Levy very nice piece..thanks for sharing your gift Muse!xox

Connie Queen

Connie Queen absolutely awesome.u need to put these ina book and publish.smile emoticon

Barbara Brumbaugh
Barbara Brumbaugh I love this… Beautiful.. I am going to share so my friends can see it
smile emoticon

Dixon Marshall

Dixon Marshall Amazing piece, Muse. It raised the hairs on the back of my neck smile emoticon

A good portion of your poetry would work so well if put to music.

Cris McDonald Shewchuk

Cris McDonald Shewchuk This is deep.

Mandy White

Mandy White I love it! I love the painting too…so romantic!

I Am The Muse

I Am The Muse Thank you sincerely for the kind words about my piece entitled ~Aortic Iron~ These are the inner threads that stitch my spirit into the person I have become. They are the layered works…the pieces which sleep in the dormancy of polite society. I am honored and humbled that you found the work moving.

Elizabeth Hunter

Elizabeth Hunter You always add the right painting with your story. This could be a wonderful dream!

Carolyn Herrington

Carolyn Herrington Enamored by your lovely words once again

يا حجة الله ادركنا

يا حجة الله ادركنا fantastic words. very romantic. they enter deep into the soul.

Sue Patricia Barton

Sue Patricia Barton beautiful….grapping it for my wall

Mandy White

Mandy White Beautiful and profound words.

Tammy McCain

Tammy McCain ~smiling~ xo

Wanda Rodriguez

Wanda Rodriguez 2 words…….. Amazingly Beautiful

Wendy Halford Crowley

Wendy Halford Crowley I never commented on this piece because it seemed so deep, visceral, that I didn’t have the words… I still don’t! It leaves me breathless and in awe of life.


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