~ Not Another ~

dear diary,

a glutton for punishment i am~i am…apparently. so here today i have ventured into the world of tumblr (yes another social media outlet). at some point duplication of material and submissions is bound to happen. so what is a muse to do? perhaps a reader or follower will over look such trivial matters. perhaps the poetic pastries will follow suit of that well delectable wherein “you can’t have just one” 🙂

on the upswing i really got a lot accomplished on the blog and web sites, adding the updates, calendar etc. a necessary evil, but after it has been completed i can smile and breathe…..

tapping out the words which are all consuming me. i could not rest until i penned those haunting phrases. this morning i look at them anew and wonder if this is the muse warrior? has she escaped?  hmmm, we will have to hear her chant and cries…and determine what muse she truly is….soon, we will hear her words soon.