Patriotic and Faith Filled Art

“Art is to console those who are broken by life.” Vincent van Gogh


“Patriotic artwork should be visceral. It should have the power to surge your star spangled pump – to fuel the flames of honor and duty…


I cannot call a piece complete unless a sense of historical pride washes over me. My works are a humble yet grateful memorial to this nation’s forging.” (muse)


Patriotic and Spiritually Inspired Art

Art Recognition in the Media
Wounded Warrior Project Recognition


“Artwork dipped in heaven’s hues are the pictorial interpretation of God’s word speaking to my heart. At times the Holy Spirit is joyful – resulting in childlike, whimsical creations, kaleidoscopic, rainbow fantasies that make everyone smile and feel happy. Other moments the mood is powerfully more serious – those instances are the most poignant. That is when my deepest, soul wrenching, spiritual canvases are conceived. Most of those pieces are not for sale; they have become secret communications between the Lord and me.” (muse)

Christian themed art has been rendered to the public by Poetic Pastries since 1999. Offering works in a variety of formats, from DIY to pre-made creations on everyday products, the Studio continues to seek new pathways for sharing the Good News with the world – through illustration, painting and graphics.


Whimsical Graphics

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