Giraffe Printable Art


  • 8×10 Illustration Size jpg – Poster Size Vector PDF
  • Giraffe Theme
  • Customizable DIY
  • Digital Hi-Res File Upon Payment

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Digital Downloads

Customize With Any Photo Editor, Printable Hi-Resolution Art File


Adorn your closet’s fashion accessories, shirts etc. – Printable for interior design, wall art and home decor – Stationery needs, invitations, cards, decorations etc



Print Options

Personal printer Vinyl printing machines Upload capable to Walgreens, UPS, Walmart, Zazzle, CafePress, Society6 and Threadless etc


No resale please. Designed for personal use, with allowances for marketing/branding; customization i.e. diy/editable If you need assistance; please inquire, Thank You


A variety pack of printable wall art containing 2 different art styles of the African Giraffe. One styling is in a pen/ink render with sepia tones. The other is the multi-color digital canvas.

The name “giraffe” has its earliest known origins in the Arabic word zarāfah perhaps borrowed from the animal’s Somali name geri. The Arab name is translated as “fast-walker” (WIKI)

Hi resolution files contain jpgs for a recommended maximum 8×10 and the PDF files are vectored allowing for poster size and below.

Your choice of photo editor will allow you to create filter color changes, add monograms, text, quotes etc

Poetic Pastries
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Poetic Pastries
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