Traditional Cards

Christmas Cards are mainstays for a Traditional Christmas. Artistic themes include the nativity, the Christ child and angels – all accompanied by verses highlighting the wonderous miracle that is Christmas. Pansylee’s “Vintage Angel in the Snow” series has been Zazzle’s number one best selling angel card for over 10 years. Designs with Jolly St Nick, Santa Claus, Reindeer, Christmas trees, holly, stockings, snowmen … 

Photo Cards

Customized Christmas Cards, referred to as Photo Cards arrived on the scene in 1990’s due to the ease/innovation of digital uploading from home computers. These snapshots became tiny time capsules – recording family and friends growth. Designs on one side – your photo on the other. We encourage you to select the highest quality images for your uploads. Don’t forget about adding special text, such as names, date, or quotes to help archive your holiday greeting.

Funny Cards

Have you ever received or sent a Humorous Christmas Card? Merry and bright take on new meaning when holiday greetings involve, word puns, satire, chuckles and eggnog irony. When you want to trade in your worn out Ho Ho Ho for a hearty Ha Ha Ha … Funny Christmas Cards deliver grandpa’s best Christmas knock knock jokes wrapped in holiday cheer.

Specialty Cards

Special Interest Christmas Cards cover hobbies or careers – also include business and work related genres. Businesses use this type of card as an outreach to their customer base – individuals who are known for their love of a certain genre, can instantly relay their persona. Family and friends often pick a Special Interest Card for individuals associated with specific activities.