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Ambient –  Personality Traits: clean, calm, unencumbered,

Common Print Sizes ◦ 5x7 ◦ 8X10 ◦ 11X14 ◦ 12X18 ◦ 16X20 ◦ 18X24 ◦ 20X30 ◦ 24X36 ◦ 30X40

Ambient Fizz - sketch a dream - by poetic pastries
  • $10.00
  • Modern Wall Art
  • Multiple Color Wave Styles
  • Convenient Scalability
  • Capability Sizes 5×7 and beyond
  • POD (print on demand) Compatibility
  • Vectored – Illustration
  • Weed to Wish
  • High-Res DPI – PDF-SVG-PNG-JPG
  • Free Shipping – Digital/Stork Delivery


Ambient depicts fluid globules in complimentary tones; the shapes are reminiscent of flowing water, drifting clouds, and waving blooms. This downloadable art design has an additional nature inspired graphic – fizzy dandelions; art allows for a host of customization options. Four color waves in the family of tan, blue, green and pink. The typography used is sleek and lean.

Ambient Fizz Blue-web share-900x600

Knock knock. Who’s there?


Honeydew who?

Honeydew you wanna dance?

DIGITAL DOWNLOADSCustomize With Any Photo Editor, Printable Hi-Resolution Art File
DIYAdorn your closet’s fashion accessories, shirts etc. – Printable for interior design, wall art and home decor – Stationery needs, invitations, cards, decorations etc
PRINT OPTIONSPersonal printer Vinyl printing machines Upload capable to Walgreens, UPS, Walmart, Zazzle, CafePress, Society6 and Threadless, Kinkos etc
USEAGENo resale please. Designed for non-commercial use only –  diy/editable If you need assistance; please read our FAQ or Email the Studio

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◦ whimsical ◦ printable ◦ downloads ◦ unique ◦ soulful ◦