~ Sideways Christmas with Emerson – Thoughts by Muse ~

Are you looking in the right direction this Christmas season? Are you looking for the right stuff this yuletide? For me, I started out all WRONG…I became instantly overwhelmed. I looked here and there and everywhere. I looked in all the worldly places. I looked at my house, my yard, my pocketbook and even the mirror ~ all of which seemed to be filled with less than promising outcomes!

My home, incomplete, drywall, wood, paint, paper and more ~ appears in every room on every floor, waiting…simply waiting. My yard filled with autumn’s last whirlwind of leaves, stands naked in winter’s first push. My unadorned landscape leans  against the cottage, while the evergreens stand as formidable sentinels. My pocketbook cries out in false echoes as it hears my list this year. A hollow reverberation. And lastly my mirror, that irksome, loathsome thing, who delights in showing wrinkles, shadows and age ~ appears to have miraculously been empowered with the ability to magnify!

Would I even DO CHRISTMAS? …. Yes, I thought that.

For about 1/16 of a second I truly pondered that !

And then…I thought about the REAL Christmas. The spirit filled joy of it all. And my house became not a barn, manger or stall, but a castle! My yard is not war torn, charred, drought encapsulated, or flooded ~ it is in perfect harmony with nature’s evolution. My pocketbook is not hollow it has kept me fed and clothed and has allowed me to give unto others. I am rich. And my nemesis the mirror?

Well, the kindest thing I can say…the frame looks good! LOL

“Guard well your spare moments.

They are like uncut diamonds.

Discard them and their value will never be known.

Improve them and they will become

the brightest gems in a useful life.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

No matter what, or who, those treasures are…

may they be the wonders which bring you joy this Christmas!

~ Be Ever Blessed ~

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