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Poetic Pastries Studio is a colorful world of make-believe we loved as children. It is a realm where reality slips away; promptly replaced with kaleidoscopic characters, jubilant voices and the belief that anything and everything is possible when the universe is kind one to another – yes the GOLDEN Rule applies here.

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Welcome to Poetic Pastries

“Once upon a time a little girl had no crayons – I want to help make her world a sweeter place – a land where visual confections are served on canvas, rather than on plates – a haven where every soul who longs for joy can find it – a respite from chaos – I pray Poetic Pastries Studio – will make someone swoon, sigh or better yet, smile!”

Pansylee VanMeteren - founder



Formally established in 1999 – Poetic Pastries Studio is a female veteran owned enterprise with Pansylee VanMeteren (aka Muse) as the lead artist and designer. 



Global outreach of Poetic Pastries designs include both private and public sectors. As of 2022 the studio was the 16th largest creator of freeware/shareware/clipart in the the United States. 

Colorful Spots



Creative Faces

Tapu Raihan
Game Developer
Mazra Pasiri
Character Illustrator
Shawn Parks
Audio Visual Engineer
Reg Jackson
Graphic Designer
Clara Reins
Web Designer
Emanis Braso
Character Rigging