Happy Valentine’s Day from Muse

Valentines DayFree yourself from the chains that bind you. Release the fear that holds you captive. Do not be afraid to love and be loved. Don’t lay blame – but then again don’t hold back. Speak your mind. Or perhaps, whisper your thoughts. The fear (or comfortableness) of communicating between male and females in relationships is the number one reason small problems become greater. We leave them unattended, but they do not die. They fester and grow. They become beasts, devouring what we hold most dear.

The majority of men are hardwired to achieve. Success at all costs (mostly). Duct-tape, remote, damn the torpedoes, kind of mentality, a modern take of the hunter gatherer of long ago. He is the protector. And what then of us? The femme blossoms of his life? We are the nurturers. The sweeteners of the provisions brought to our safe abode. We waltz about creating a cold hardened shell into a home. Yearning for the brush of a cheek, a warm smile, a gentle pause in the chaotic but beautiful dance of life. We yearn, yes, but do we stop long enough for of these to happen? Does he see your pause?  Or, are you continuing to dance alone? Perhaps, before the music of life begins anew, on this Valentine’s Day-put your loved one on your “dance” card”.  Together make the commitment – to be unafraid of love.

(*these represent my unprofessional, awake 3am, living on dark chocolate and iced tea opinions-no formal, medical or otherwise relevant say as i do implications should be taken. as a muse i just pulled out my ink and quill and this is what poured out-accept it with a smile, as it was intended)

Pansylee VanMeteren Illustrator, Author, Poet, Songwriter Lyricst, Artist of WV - The Muse - Poetic Pastries


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