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The Little Sprout – Poetry Book for Children


 The Little Sprout The fairy tale begins deep in the magic woodland. The story unfolds in poetic form as The Little Sprout tries to find his path in life. What will he decide to do? What will he become? What would you do,  if you were a sprout?  Fully colorized, featuring art by Muse. Rated 5 out of 5 The Little Sprout Amazon (Sprout Tale) The Little Sprout Amazon (coloring primer) The Little Sprout Barnes and Noble

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~ Spiritual Poetry – Time by Muse ~

Giving no quarter… To neither man nor beast… The sun rises… From the heaven’s East…Time’s companions… Are life and death… Taking and giving… One man’s breath…Powerless and powerful… We are blessed in this life… By a wondrous Creator… Who keeps us in His sight… For He alone… Controls the sands… That shift from within… For He alone… Controls the lives… Of beasts and men.Yes, He alone… Will turn the orb… In the twinkling of an eye… Watching ancient grains of […]

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~ Tears Poem Quote from Muse ~

“I would write my tears, weeping out my pain I would empty my veins for ink.” (muse slice) Logophile Pastry: The word ‘would’ is considered  to be a verb in the English language. Verbs are those words which directly relate to action. ‘Would’, can infer that you have already willing done something, becoming the past tense. It should be noted that in today’s style of speech and writing,  we rarely see this application. More often we utilize the word have. […]

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