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~ What Do Muse’s Readers Want? ~

Susan Herin Betweennapsontheporchdotnet, Colin Berry, Jennifer Haynes and 44 others like this. Comments courtesy of fb feed history Theresa Komor All of the above. December 8, 2010 at 2:11am · Unlike · 3 I Am The Muse thank you Theresa, for taking a peek. I wonder which of those would be your favorite? smile emoticon December 8, 2010 at 2:15am · Unlike · 1 Theresa Komor The horse, of course. wink emoticon Running with glee at the end of the […]

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~ Tears Poem Quote from Muse ~

“I would write my tears, weeping out my pain I would empty my veins for ink.” (muse slice) Logophile Pastry: The word ‘would’ is considered  to be a verb in the English language. Verbs are those words which directly relate to action. ‘Would’, can infer that you have already willing done something, becoming the past tense. It should be noted that in today’s style of speech and writing,  we rarely see this application. More often we utilize the word have. […]

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~ Exploitation of Your Password ~

Pssst… hey, what’s your password? It surely is not on this list, I hope. admin 123456 password 12345678 666666 111111 1234567 qwerty siteadmin administrator root 123123 123321 1234567890 letmein123 test123 demo123 pass123 123qwe qwe123 654321 loveyou adminadmin123 Can be it true? According to Sucuri, (an internet security company) it is indeed a list of the top internet passwords. Oh how we loathe to create these digital font monsters. Once we get used to a certain one …BAM! We have to […]

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~ Love – Gluttony ~

“I ache not from need – but from my heart’s gluttony of you.” (muse slice) Logophile Pastry: Gluttony is our modernized English version taken from an old Latin word ‘gluttire’. Precisely  it describes the act of gulping down or swallowing with greed or excessive indulgence. The emotional attachment to the word gluttony immediately gives our brain visions of vulgarity, waste, indiscretion, extravagance, bloat, vile and in some cases, sinfulness. One of the first recorded uses of the term comes to […]

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~ Git’er Done – Muse Poetry Slice ~

As the morn’  began to break… A problem there was sure to face… Armored knight and sweet maiden both… Although no words ‘ere they spoke… (read more in the book ~Enigmatic Evolution~)   The “pastry” social icons above are for sharing this content; please credit Poetic Pastries. * This is a NO COMMENTS REQUIRED Blog Journal Entry designed for reader’s/ subscriber’s/follower’s privacy and Muse’s work requirements. Private Feedback & Questions may be entered here .

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