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As New York bubbled with the hustle and bustle of 1939 underlying currents of national and world politics (as well as financial) were flowing. Today’s art selection is a renown work by Edward Hopper, an American realist painter. I believe much is said in this piece … a female usher, stands poised for her call to duty; a feminine figure cloaked in cinematic uniform ~ obviously enveloped in personal thoughts, she, like America are caught in the inter-war period … growing pains, surround her. Hopper’s capture of her sheer loveliness, who in previous years would not be found working in public, has borne the birthright of women suffrage; though independence and equality tasted – Hopper relays to us her vulnerabilities – there in the dark, her pointed, strapped heels, pale skin and demure demeanor are a paradox to the role she plays. This post insight shall close with Edward Hopper’s own words ‘The man’s the work. Something doesn’t come out of nothing.’

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