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~ Medusa’s Meadow – Poem by Muse ~

Medusa’s Meadow Be still the moonlight in harbor’s dim A tepid mongrel soul does serendipitously swim. I flutter neath life’s mortal sleep ~ Faithfully keeping secrets of the deep. Long ago in ages of innocent youth A heart was tied, entangled ~ not aloof. My love was given as the wind ~ Freely floating without end. We danced in meadows filled with green Our private clover guarded and unseen. We planted seeds that broke the soil ~ Some were fruitful […]

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~ Mapping of Me – Poem by Muse ~

You my love ~ are my cartographer… Drawing lines about my heart ~ Sketching rivers ~ that flow between… The mountains as they part ~ Intricate pathways ~ secret trails… Undeniable passion ~ It is my form ~ now your parchment… Inked forever fashioned ~ (muse)  

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~ Proclamation – A Love Poem by Muse ~

~Proclamation~ ~ Where will the sun rise on this the first day of our love? It shall arise in the East, atop the mighty mountain citadels… When will the sun rise ~on this the first day of our love? It shall be at dawn, when clouds caress the globe of warmth… What will the sun rise ~herald on this the first day of our love? It shall announce the birth of our union’s triumphant sojourn… A declaration from one heart […]

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~ Love Poem – Aortic Iron by Muse ~


~ Aortic Iron ~ At the apex of my soliloquy I languish where the surf meets the sand Barely existing in a false sanctity In the elusiveness of man ~ My porcelain heart encased in iron Beats in a surreal doloroso Caravans of carriages Wind along paths beneath my feet ~ If I had the time of mountains A wanderer of the universe would I be Dancing in the wind Dancing in the waves Immersing my bareness In nameless woodland […]

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