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The Little Sprout – Poetry Book for Children


 The Little Sprout The fairy tale begins deep in the magic woodland. The story unfolds in poetic form as The Little Sprout tries to find his path in life. What will he decide to do? What will he become? What would you do,  if you were a sprout?  Fully colorized, featuring art by Muse. Rated 5 out of 5 The Little Sprout Amazon (Sprout Tale) The Little Sprout Amazon (coloring primer) The Little Sprout Barnes and Noble

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~ Medusa’s Meadow – Poem by Muse ~

Medusa’s Meadow Be still the moonlight in harbor’s dim A tepid mongrel soul does serendipitously swim. I flutter neath life’s mortal sleep ~ Faithfully keeping secrets of the deep. Long ago in ages of innocent youth A heart was tied, entangled ~ not aloof. My love was given as the wind ~ Freely floating without end. We danced in meadows filled with green Our private clover guarded and unseen. We planted seeds that broke the soil ~ Some were fruitful […]

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Midnight Dancer Poem from Anthesis


“~ i cried alone ~ ~i cried alone ~ ‘neath the milky moon of home the music played and languished upon the midnight clouds and yet, i lay grieving in my widow’s shroud …” ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ poetry slice from the work entitled “Midnight Dancer” from Anthesis book of Love Sonnets by Muse Anthesis iTunes Anthesis Amazon Paperback Anthesis Amazon Kindle Anthesis Amazon (French Kindle) Anthesis Amazon (Japanese Kindle) Anthesis Audio Version CdBaby Anthesis LuLu (hardback collector’s edition) Anthesis Barnes and Noble […]

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Anthesis Book of Love Poetry by Muse


LOVE  is the very essence of emotion. Succinctly defined love is; “extreme affection” that hardly seems to encompass its vastness. Anthesis is a menagerie of love; savoring the beauty of words, luxuriating in the plethora of imagery they evoke. Anthesis, a  book of sonnets is accompanied by full color art and includes many original Muse works.  Peek into the mind of Muse beyond her written word. Rated 5 out of 5 Anthesis iTunes Anthesis Amazon Paperback Anthesis Amazon Kindle Anthesis […]

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