~ Event Horizon – Spirit Filled Poem by Muse ~

Event Horizon - Christian Poetry by Muse~The Event Horizon~
Haze filled skies…
Lifted up from the gloom…
And she knew…
Yes…she knew.
Tendrils of golden sunlight…
Pierced the gray air…
And she knew…
Yes…she knew.
Pulsating thunderous ramparts…
Hammered the earth…
Beneath her feet…
And she knew…
Yes…she knew.
Her breath quickened…
Her heart raced….
Her breath so warm…
Blew like a cloud into the coldness of space…
And she knew…
Yes…she knew.
A trumpet’s blare…
Pierced the air…
Its notes signaling the start…
The Beginning…
It was at hand…
No turning back…
For she assuredly knew
(muse from her book Enigmatic Evolution)

Pansylee VanMeteren Illustrator, Author, Poet, Songwriter Lyricst, Artist of WV - The Muse - Poetic Pastries

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Theresa Winter

Theresa Winter How like you to have a snippet appropo to the situation…we are in earthquake country here, and once it starts there is no turning back.

Sheree Cooke

Sheree Cooke Stunning image.

Tammy McCain

Tammy McCain Powerful piece written with beautiful words…..xo

Elizabeth Hunter
Wendy Marie Hall

Wendy Marie Hall Oh its just beautiful and my friend I Love It !!!!!

Pat Thomas

Pat Thomas Gorgeous !!!!!!!!!!

I Am The Muse

I Am The Muse (translated and delivered to your page Su San)

Kim Snyder

Kim Snyder It’s a very powerful message.. thanks Muse for sharing it!

I Am The Muse

I Am The Muse This could work at so many levels, from the spiritual to the physical. But you are so right. Reading this work now, it seems so utterly appropriate for the victims of the earthquake and tsunami.

Kim Snyder

Kim Snyder It sure does..


Tammy McCain

Tammy McCain I can see the correlation between the two, however, every time I read this it speaks of the Rapture to me!

Cindy George-Smith

Cindy George-Smith It’s beautiful and sad, and i agree with Tammy. I felt the Rapture in it.

House of Raquel

House of Raquel Is that you, who KNEW? Is that you in the photo. I picture you to look like her. smile emoticon

Carolyn Herrington

Carolyn Herrington Wow!! deeply moving~

Susan Connor

Susan Connor Love this book! xoxo Everything written in this book is just that, moving<3

Cris McDonald Shewchuk

Cris McDonald Shewchuk Very appropriate posting for today! Captures what must have been the feelings of the people involved in the earthquake and tsunami.

LisaLisa Charleston

LisaLisa Charleston Truly beautiful Muse!!! I agree Cris…it is a very apporpraite post for today! Muse always amaze me with her poetry…moving indeed!

Jasmine Mestas Barrera

Jasmine Mestas Barrera You are brilliant! This creation of yours speaks to me. Thank-you for reaching out to us with your gifted spirit! ~<3

Rebecca Roman

Rebecca Roman Love it!!!!

LadyKatherine Katherine Smith

LadyKatherine Katherine Smith Yes, so lovely! The beginning at hand! Yes!!

Sandy McIntire

Sandy McIntire You write such lovely things!

Jeanne Vaughters

Jeanne Vaughters Muse, this is beautiful. the photo and the words. I loved reading what you write.


Shelly Nugent Lampshire

Shelly Nugent Lampshire We women need to listen to ourselves more often and trust our preparedness to handle whatever may come. It is so empowering, Muse! WOnderful…

Wendy Marie Hall

Wendy Marie Hall I really love this my friend!!