Stocking Trivia – Mania Menagerie by Muse


How much do you know about socks? Stockings?

Here are some facts: (which will come in handy, sometime/somewhere and could possibly save your life)

  1. In ancient times the stockings and socks were made of leather, or animal hair/matted fur.
  2. it was not until the 16th century that fabric stockings were manufactured.
  3. socks and stockings were handmade primarily up to the 1800s
  4. The modern English word sock is derived from the Old English word socc, meaning “light slipper”.
  5. The Children’s Society produced the largest Christmas stocking made in December 2007, and measured 32.56 meters (106 feet and 10 inches) in height and 14.97 feet (49 feet 1 inch) in width, and contained 1000 presents.
  6. Original Christmas stockings were use-able and never intended to be solely for display.
  7. During the late 19th and early 20th centuries stockings often featured elaborate designs, patterns and embroidery on the feet and calves was common. Red stockings were oh so very popular. (tres chic)
  8. Sock production was sent reeling on its heels with the invention of nylon in 1938.
  9. During the time of 1940’s, the war effort had a direct impact on nylon stocking manufacturing, giving rise to The Nylon Riots.
  10. Four million pairs of stockings bought in one day (1939).
  11. DUPONT engineered the first pair of women’s nylons as we know them today.

So there you are, a list of brain sweets
And to make the day complete, here are the words to an old song, celebrating NYLONS :)

Gone are the days when I’d answer the bell
Find a salesmen with stockings to sell
Gleam in his eye and measuring tape in his hand
I get the urge to go splurging on hose
Nylons a dozen of those
Now poor or rich we’re enduring instead
Woolens which itch
Rayons that spread

I’ll be happy when the nylons bloom again
Cotton is monotonous to men
Only way to keep affection fresh
Get some mesh for your flesh
I’ll be happy when the nylons bloom again
Ain’t no need to blow no sirens then

When the frozen hosen can appear
Man that means all clear

Working women of the USA and Britain
Humble dowager or lowly debutant
We’ll be happy as puppy or a kitten
Stepping back into their nylons of DuPont

Keep on smiling to the nylons bloom again
And the WACS come back to join their men
In a world that Mr. Wallace planned
Strolling hand in hand

— George Marion, Jr. and Fats Waller, When the Nylons Bloom Again


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