What Information Needs To Be On Your Wedding Invitation


Wedding Invitations are the harbingers of joyous and vital information. Let’s review the various parts of an invitation; these basic wording principles will assure your guests have all the information for your big day!

  •  The Host(s) of the Event

The prominent, first line of nuptial greetings, was normally devoted to the host(s) of the wedding. Customarily, the lady of the hour’s folks are the hosts of the wedding and are named at the highest point of the announcement (recognized as a formal or traditional undertaking). Nowadays, notwithstanding, an ever increasing number of couples are either paying for the actual wedding (for this situation, you can exclude the host line altogether) or accepting monetary commitments from guardians on the two sides; for this situation, you can list every one of guardians’ names or settle on something easier like, “Along with their folks” or “Along with their families.”

WIP-from Poetic-Pastries-Wedding-Invitations
WIP Wedding Invitation Creation by Poetic Pastries Studio
  • Solicitation Area

There are numerous approaches to request the joy of your visitors’ appearance. The word “cordially” is seen as formal while “you are invited”  denotes a more casual event.

  • Couple’s Area

When posting the names of the couple, the lady’s name regularly goes before the groom’s. Normally, the lady’s first and maiden names are utilized while the husband to be uses first and last names.

Wedding Invitation
Vintage Wedding Ticket Design by Poetic Pastries Studio
  • Information Area

Be precise and clear; keep the basic date, time and address in view.

  • After Wedding Events

Often referred to as a reception – this information should be placed on your invitation – often the backside of invitations have this information along with other select insights such as dress code; menu etc. As weddings become more complex, information such reception and menus are at times being sent separately. Either way, assure that you are relaying all relevant insight to your guests.

Wedding Invitation entitled Gem – created in 4 color waves available for DIY download- a unique printable – created by Poetic Pastries Studio