~ Medusa’s Meadow – Poem by Muse ~

Medusa’s Meadow

Be still the moonlight in harbor’s dim
A tepid mongrel soul does serendipitously swim.
I flutter neath life’s mortal sleep ~
Faithfully keeping secrets of the deep.

Long ago in ages of innocent youth
A heart was tied, entangled ~ not aloof.
My love was given as the wind ~
Freely floating without end. We danced in meadows filled with green
Our private clover guarded and unseen.
We planted seeds that broke the soil ~
Some were fruitful ~ others spoiled. Two souls united ~ or so I thought
We dwell in sunlight where we ought.
Dark social noblemen shunned from our sight ~
Nary did we mourn our peasantry plight. The days passed as days must do and our love
Was discovered and was tested for the truth.
It was Medusa in her garden of blackness bitter born ~
Who whispered to her lover, ‘I shall attack at morn’.

So she bade us welcome with her serpent’s demonic hiss
We recoiled instantly with a sight such this.
Medusa whispered in your ear all your hurts,
your horrors, your fears.
United we stood firmly in the light ~
Daring not to pass from our meadow into Medusa’s black of night.

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She watched us with beady eyes that swayed a reptilian dance
Little by little, I felt your body waver in a metronomic trance.
She smiled wickedly and with a darting of her tongue ~
She softened her hissing to a liar’s preening hum.

She sung to you all your joys, your wants, your hopes and spoils
And your love flickered but for an instant ~
but indeed the deed was done.
For in that one moment of betrayal, Medusa’s seduction
had now won.
She pulled you to her meadow where pestilence was seed ~
And harvest was the human hearts from which we all bleed.

I stood at the meadow’s gate mourning in the sun ~
While you my love were gnawed upon the deceit of the one.
With sword in hand I charged forth ~ To grapple in the bleak ~
To traverse all of hell for the true love I seek.
But nay…my victory was not to be ~
For as I raised my blade, your voice contently bade me stay ~
Your hands unyielding, held my armament at bay.

This tale will not find me in Dante’s dark abode ~
And though I am dead, I am no longer alone.
For Neptune and Poseidon, gave me shelter from the green.
I await the gates of heaven as I swim within the sea ~
And though I am forgiven ~ From your love I shall never be free.


~ Mapping of Me – Poem by Muse ~

desire youYou my love ~ are my cartographer…
Drawing lines about my heart ~
Sketching rivers ~ that flow between…
The mountains as they part ~
Intricate pathways ~ secret trails…
Undeniable passion ~
It is my form ~ now your parchment…
Inked forever fashioned ~



~ Proclamation – A Love Poem by Muse ~

Proclamation by Muse~Proclamation~
Where will the sun rise on this the first day of our love?
It shall arise in the East, atop the mighty mountain citadels…
When will the sun rise ~on this the first day of our love?

It shall be at dawn, when clouds caress the globe of warmth…
What will the sun rise ~herald on this the first day of our love?

It shall announce the birth of our union’s triumphant sojourn…
A declaration from one heart to another ~
Quintessential truth prolifically declared…
Sunrise to sunset with twilight swathed between ~

Silhouetted against the light I do proclaim
To take thy heart’s pure coffer and thy name
(muse from her book Anthesis)

Pansylee VanMeteren Illustrator, Author, Poet, Songwriter Lyricst, Artist of WV - The Muse - Poetic Pastries

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Raquel Amaral

Raquel Amaral Ok Michelangelo of words I love reading your ~Proclamation and I look forward to more of your brilliant gift!

Jamie Morris

Jamie Morris lovly as usual, very touching

Shelly Nugent Lampshire

Shelly Nugent Lampshire Just beautiful. With none of that Song of Solomon awkwardness…

Lish Weese

Lish Weese love it!

Rose Piedad

Rose Piedad this is so touching and i really like it Oh LOVE smile emoticon

Tammy Cowan

Tammy Cowan I love this picture.

Wendy Halford Crowley

Wendy Halford Crowley My husband had trouble getting this line when he read it “Quintessential truth prolifically declared…” …. Shesh ~ men! But he loved this line “our union’s triumphant sojourn…” Go figure what men will read into that!!!!

Elizabeth Hunter

Elizabeth Hunter Now this would be the perfect place to travel for love with in this prose.

Tammy McCain

Tammy McCain This would have been another wonderful piece to have used on Evan & Val’s programs……..I still loved the one we used, though! Keeping you close, even though you were not physically there! xoxo

Kathy Jones

Kathy Jones magic kingdom, get picture

~ Love Poem – Aortic Iron by Muse ~


~ Aortic Iron ~
At the apex of my soliloquy
I languish where the surf meets the sand
Barely existing in a false sanctity
In the elusiveness of man ~

My porcelain heart encased in iron
Beats in a surreal doloroso
Caravans of carriages
Wind along paths beneath my feet ~

If I had the time of mountains
A wanderer of the universe would I be
Dancing in the wind
Dancing in the waves
Immersing my bareness
In nameless woodland streams ~

Searching to be nurtured
And longing to be weaned.
My aortic iron
Forged with silver seams
Needs to come unraveled
Dissected at the seams ~
On the shores of immortality
I would weave a stretto web
Capturing compassion and confessions
From both the living and the dead ~

The triangulation of my soul
Earth ~ Heaven ~ Inner Sea
If I had the time of mountains
This is how it would be ~
But I dream
For I am at the apex of my soliloquy
Languishing where the surf meets the sand
Barely existing in a false sanctity
In the elusiveness of man.
(by muse)

Pansylee VanMeteren Illustrator, Author, Poet, Songwriter Lyricst, Artist of WV - The Muse - Poetic Pastries


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Rose Piedad
Rose Piedad i’m so lucky that i met you Muse smile emoticon
you know i love poetry… i love all your posting here!

Bonnie Levy

Bonnie Levy very nice piece..thanks for sharing your gift Muse!xox

Connie Queen

Connie Queen absolutely awesome.u need to put these ina book and publish.smile emoticon

Barbara Brumbaugh
Barbara Brumbaugh I love this… Beautiful.. I am going to share so my friends can see it
smile emoticon

Dixon Marshall

Dixon Marshall Amazing piece, Muse. It raised the hairs on the back of my neck smile emoticon

A good portion of your poetry would work so well if put to music.

Cris McDonald Shewchuk

Cris McDonald Shewchuk This is deep.

Mandy White

Mandy White I love it! I love the painting too…so romantic!

I Am The Muse

I Am The Muse Thank you sincerely for the kind words about my piece entitled ~Aortic Iron~ These are the inner threads that stitch my spirit into the person I have become. They are the layered works…the pieces which sleep in the dormancy of polite society. I am honored and humbled that you found the work moving.

Elizabeth Hunter

Elizabeth Hunter You always add the right painting with your story. This could be a wonderful dream!

Carolyn Herrington

Carolyn Herrington Enamored by your lovely words once again

يا حجة الله ادركنا

يا حجة الله ادركنا fantastic words. very romantic. they enter deep into the soul.

Sue Patricia Barton

Sue Patricia Barton beautiful….grapping it for my wall

Mandy White

Mandy White Beautiful and profound words.

Tammy McCain

Tammy McCain ~smiling~ xo

Wanda Rodriguez

Wanda Rodriguez 2 words…….. Amazingly Beautiful

Wendy Halford Crowley

Wendy Halford Crowley I never commented on this piece because it seemed so deep, visceral, that I didn’t have the words… I still don’t! It leaves me breathless and in awe of life.