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The Little Sprout – Poetry Book for Children


 The Little Sprout The fairy tale begins deep in the magic woodland. The story unfolds in poetic form as The Little Sprout tries to find his path in life. What will he decide to do? What will he become? What would you do,  if you were a sprout?  Fully colorized, featuring art by Muse. Rated 5 out of 5 The Little Sprout Amazon (Sprout Tale) The Little Sprout Amazon (coloring primer) The Little Sprout Barnes and Noble

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Enigmatic Evolution – Prose of Heart and Soul


Enigmatic Evolution A woman’s heart is laid bare here. Motivation and inspiration abound, all written from personal experiences. A mysterious menagerie of fledgling poetry and intimate prose waltz from light-hearted romps to veils of darkness; to love’s salvation. Readers will be moved by the many facets of the Muse’s soul. Prepare for a journey, a metamorphosis where goodness reigns supreme, a true Enigmatic Evolution. The Muse asks that you “read well and judge lightly,” and hopes her readers will find […]

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~Collision of Prose & Paint~

🌲 clothed trees pine needles that twist and shimmer disembodied lover’s figures encased in stones of snow statuesque vertical branches imprisoned within a realm of glacial marrow#art#myart#poetry pic.twitter.com/SxtTPAKthx — Pansylee (Muse❣️) (@PoeticPastries) January 6, 2019 French MousePad With Antoinette and Cake by PoeticPastries

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~Growing Up~

At times, I have to do some errands for the Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage. It’s not that I like to do these errands, but I have learned this is one secret to getting along with her. The errand she had for me was to go to the Mall and pick up something she had ordered. In my own way I tried to finagle out of that errand, but the more I finagled the more insistent she was. So, I […]

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~Veteran’s Poetry~

I pray ~ for I am thankful I write ~ to scourge my demons I paint ~ to celebrate my victories #veterans (this is me) Private Feedback & Questions may be entered here . Public Reviews are welcome here. ~ Be Ever Blessed ~ The “pastry” social icons above are for sharing this content; please credit Poetic Pastries. * This is a NO COMMENTS REQUIRED Blog Journal Entry designed for reader’s/ subscriber’s/follower’s privacy and Muse’s work requirements.

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