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  1. I am studying nurse at one of the hospitals here in our place. I was curious about this blog post.
    This is not for real, correct? A joke right? For truth this is not making any sense.
    I am only being professional, but, if someone is in coma and he dreams that he’s with his gf-bf,so that makes his heart keep beating…Would he with or without his love?
    If his or her dreams changes to a tragic one, that makes the ECG tracing turn into a total flatlie
    Am I making the right analogy here?

  2. I guess this is absolutely true (I am relating to the image 🙁 )
    We’re just human beings. With heart aches. I think this will make a good Slice of Muse.
    We all know getting hurt and become insensitive at some time.
    Do girls hearts stop like this more? Do we tend to become emotional flatliners?

  3. Clearly it’s not nonsense at all! So far, I had 4 boyfriends already. 2 of them,, I admit hurt me so much. But it was just nothing after days passed even months. Nahhhh, you just make yourself busy, go to bed early and sleep! That’s all. Problems vanished! lol (I’m not sour graping, just to let you know :))

  4. Really cool. I remembered when my girlfriend to break-up with me, and I was thinking gonna do without her. Feels like kinda heart is breaking. Yeah. I think that is true.
    You’re really gonna have a hardline when your special someone leaves you.

  5. Cool. pic. I remembered the movie truth or dare. It was awesome. Did you see it Muse? With Madonna?
    I could instantly get a heart attack for sure. Flat line it is when the hearts broke.
    Anyway, this is about love and should be serious. Sorry.

  6. @vanderhaux: Dude what country are you from? Your English seems inconsistent.
    Is this your class also? Night program? ok Welcome.
    Somehow I get what you really wanted to say. Being left without someone you love?
    That’s really heartbreaking!

  7. I mean paddles, increase electric waves. Let you know, help is needed. hahahaha…
    Now, I am the one talking nonsense here? It’s late and I am in love with heart going strong. :p

  8. I sure do get what you’re talking about johnny B. I’ve seen that movie too! Well maybe not in a movie theater, but it still made me really freaked out! all those blood spreading all over the floor. It looked like a horror movie, but its not! why not try watch it again?!

    Yes Muze this is the way the love is when the love is gone. I would bought many of these cards.
    Sad for the saying of this truth.

  9. Have you heard the song, “Beat of Love”
    It says this-
    What’s the world without a beat of love
    I don’t know but it’s no place of mine
    And that place I’ll never be
    What’s the world without a beat of love
    I don’t know cause my heart’s beating fine
    Thumpin’ bumpin’
    -Sounds familiar?
    It was sung by En Vogue 🙂
    You could be making the cover for the song Muse!

  10. This one is really funny and sad. Does the EKG-ECG really tell if the person is being left by special someone. Could be if we could see into the futures we would not go with that person who would break our hearts like this. I can’t believe it-my sister yes we would. The person who made this, is probably dead now-and I bet they had a sister.

  11. @alexis jean: That song you posted, I’m not familiar with that one. And another thing, I looked that up and it is considered retro you know. I think it will be playing again soon. It has been forgotten now, I guess, for this little of time. You are hip to post it because the clubs are all going back to retro ones for the holiday. Maybe you could post something modern here too, why don’t you? I am thinking U2 song With or Without You. That is the one Musey this could be for them!

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