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  1. Really true 🙂 An innocent woman with a pure heart never easily kissed. She’d rather give it to the best man she believes who would love her forever. How I wish I could get a man like that..

  2. No..not all boys-men disrespect girls-women. Some men are even girls bestfriends! Clever ruse at times.They sometimes have hard attitudes when they’re angry, but they’re really helpful at some point too. Can we live without them? I dont want to. Birthday hugs muse.

  3. Yeah, I agree with that. It’s really sweet thinking about a man being so in love with you that though you’re not ready for anything like that, yet he respect you for that, oh, how admirable! Anyone out there who believe there are still kinds of men who are like that?

  4. Happy Birthday MUSE !
    Love the image with the words. It will make a nice zazle card.
    I wonder how boys would react on this. hmmmm…(thinking)…
    Maybe I should just ask any boys out there.
    There are still girls somehow becoming few who still believe on themselves they should seem hard to get to the boys..Am I right, girls? I think young girls try to hard.
    Boys? Any comment?Suggestions?Violent reactions?

  5. Oh, she’s really beautiful, isn’t she? The message itself reflects how girls are supposed to be respected by men. We are never meant to be taken advantage of. God! They’re so annoying when they push themselves on you… it’s killing me! arrrrrrrrrgh! (I have some pushy boyfriends and I want them to behave)

    Hey I missed your day? Sorry Muse. Best wishes to you.

  6. Oh, that girl! she’s so beautiful! I could think about her all day long..hmmmmmmmmmm..lovely. Ok am I a hound now? So Muse has her boyfriend ever got to kiss her?!(that’s if she has any). A good pic, yes I want a girl like that-love her eyes and lips. Darn! she’s playing hard to get. Please not on me…I could kiss her everyday, all day.

  7. Yeah, Vander, she’s too beautiful to be harassed! You idiot freakin’ nut. “Don’t you ever dare kiss “me”. She looks too fragile. I you kissed her she would break I would guess. Women like this get guys in trouble.

  8. ahhhm., johnny B.? I think you’d rather want me!
    Pick me!
    Pick me!
    I don’t tease.
    And I won’t break.
    Have to say I admire you so much for being so protective to girls, Muse. AS you are one of us.
    I wish I could find a man like you… (Ceasar) 😛

  9. Hey! Who do you think she is? Muse, is this you? Is she really looking my way?
    Her eyes are straightforward, so she could be. I wonder whom she is looking at?!
    You know what guys, I bet it is her love.
    In our country, we do not tell the person directly what we really felt. Most of us, if we have a crush on someone, we’d rather wait for him/her to voluntarily come to us.
    We leave the door open. Well that’s only my opinion.

  10. That face should really be protected by johnny B.!haha! Maybe that way, The girl in the picture would at last make up her mind and let johnny B. kiss her…What do you say johnny B. ?

    Muse do we turn in assignment for class on Wednesday or Thursday?

  11. I will object to what some have said about boys! Don’t generalize us. You know, we have feelings, we tend to be hurt too. Of course rotten fruit spoils the lot. Maybe some us do that because they were hurt too by their past girlfriends. Just mind your business insights for not all things are as they seem.

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