~ Thought Provoking Poetry – Do You Know by Muse ~

Do You Know by Muse

~Do You Know~
I cannot remember
When the day of life began ~
The uphill battle of this journey
In a life that keeps on turning
What will I be? Where will I go?
Do you know…Do you know?

I feel the rising of my soul
And this day will take its toll ~
I venture forth
Commanding a tyranny
Of resolute relevance
Into the night
What will I be? Where will I go?
Do you know…Do you know?
In this figurative landscape
That is my life
Shipwrecked in a sea of words
Drowning in an ocean
Swirled and stirred
I cannot be heard
I am emptiness
A singularity
Do you know?
That you alone
Are my anchor ~
Do you know?
That you alone
Are my oar?
Let me release myself into
The mighty ocean waves ~
Let the sea water offer
Up a briny caressing haze
I shall be adrift
Until the end of days
Without you
What will we become?
Where will we go?
Do you know?
Do you know?
(muse from the book Anthesis)

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Robert Bourne

Robert Bourne I am still asking those questions

Robert Bourne

Robert Bourne Wandering lost and alone…No voice from afar … whispering answers to the endless questions..that haunt me in the night

Elizabeth Hunter

Elizabeth Hunter This is so sad


Raquel Amaral

Raquel Amaral You are a Michelangelo with words!

Bob Gilmore

Bob Gilmore What Raquel said!

Katherine Hanna Ingram

Katherine Hanna IngramBeautiful words…and photo smile emoticon

Looking for romantic moments…

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