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Please Note:

Poetic Pastries™,  Fashion4Faith its logos, banners, backgrounds, avatars, signatures, characters, art, design, books, lyrics, music, videos and writings are protected (ie trademarked and/or copyrighted). The poetic sonnets ~ writing ~ prose and the designs upon which they are conveyed, are property of Pansylee VanMeteren (Muse) owner of Poetic Pastries™,  (Pâtisseries Poétique de Muse). Should you wish to share, display online, link or otherwise advertise any creation, we would be thrilled~honored (no commercial use unless licensed). We ask only that you please link back to Poetic Pastries WEB SITE™  or Poetic Pastries ZAZZLE™ (adding a credit in your posting). We are of the opinion that the world could always use a bit more poetry and musey-ness!

We invite you to use any image, photo, or idea that you find in our blog/website for your own personal use; inspiration and sharing is fun ~ but respect is vital. We ask that you credit Poetic Pastries by linking back to the post/page/image where you found your inspiration. All image sharing must retain any/all watermark or signatures. Poetic Pastries artwork, sketches, poetry, quips, prose, writing, photos, pictures, web layout, blog design and all other materials/ideas are not intended for resale or any commercial unsanctioned use.  Sharing via Pinning (Pinterest), Twitpics, Facebook, Blogger, Blogspot, Wordpress etc. are all welcome if the share (in any form or place) has links back to the original url of Poetic Pastries and the work has not been altered in any fashion (including, but not limited to, watermark/signature removal).

Please bear in mind that all images at Poetic Pastries website; text, artwork and graphics have been compressed/optimized for the best possible internet speed. High resolution imagery is reserved for art purchases whether by download or shipment.

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