Traveling Back From The Pole

The Muse is moving slow…
As there is lots of snow…
But on to Pink Saturday…
She must go…

Handmade tags…
Adorn the swags and wreath…
That are sporting vintage pink…

The Muse makes tags…
From papers afar…
She was creative this year…
And made a car…

The Muse…
Built a house…
With windows, doors, snow…
And even a mouse…
Can you see the pink trees???…

But what oh what ….
Is pink”er” than me?…


Asks new baby Garret…
With Christmas glee…
As he lovingly gazes…
At his Muse Nanny !
That is my new GRANDSON!

(copyright 2008)
(Check the right hand side column for more about Pink Saturday)
( I am returning all my comments dear friends and followers…thanks to each one of you who stopped by and left me lovely Christmas greetings and lifted my spirits on Tuesday Trash to Treasure and Tuesday Tablescape)

Wow, I sure have missed reading your blogs!

56 thoughts on “Traveling Back From The Pole

  1. Did you really make all of those things? Those are amazing!

  2. What a sweet baby. Congrats.

    You are very creative with your pinks and your Holiday decor. Everything is fantastic.


  3. You’re so creative! Very nice!

    Your grandson is so squishy! So cute!

  4. blueviolet…ah there are not enough hours in the day for The Muse to do all she wants to do! (I think I need to chat with Lady du Jour…she claims to hold time, perhaps she can cut the Muse a break!) LOL~Happy you visited my blog~and thank you for the compliment on my craft.

    vintage window…oh, your compliments are too kind! I thank you and I wish you a Happy new year 🙂

    Megan…hello you! 🙂 :)..yes, LOL he truly is very squishy LOL in the most delightful way…LOL
    glad you up and about and feeling fine 🙂

  5. Hello Muse

    So very nice to meet you for the first time. Your poem is cute and your little bundle of joy is so adorable.

    Stop by and check out our new contest that just began today.


  6. gorgeous creations Muse…
    and your Grandson is adorable..
    congratulations Nanny :))
    a (belated) Merry Christmas and …Happy New Year greetings to you and your family :))

  7. Very beautiful handcrafts there. You are creative and talented. Happy Pink Saturday and congratulations on your new grandson.

  8. What an adorable, adorable child!! (And your blog rocks, as well!!!)

  9. Love your poem, Muse, and your paper jewels and the biggest jewel of all, that grandson! So cute!

    I awarded you the Christmas Spirit award while you were sleeping! Check it out under the post by that name on my blog! 😉

    Love to you!


    Sheila 🙂

  10. Happy Pink Saturday. I love all of your beautiful ornaments, and your baby is gorgeous.

  11. Your new grandson is adorable. My youngest son is seven years old and his name is Garrett too. It seems like he was just that little yesterday. I have my first grandson this year also. There is nothing like it! Your ornament tags are beautiful!
    Lee Laurie

  12. Welcome to your first Pink Saturday. I am so glad you decided to join us.

    I love all of your pinks today. It is like walking through a winter wonderland.

    And, I love little pink grandsons. He is a beauty.

  13. Congrats on that boy! Good to see you pop up on my reader as always.

    When are we playing the word game again? I liked that one. 🙂


  14. What a wonderful blog you have created ~ and I thoroughly enjoyed my visit. So much to see…and that grandbaby is the cutest! Happy holidays to you and I can assure you that I will be back. Enjoy your day!

  15. Goodness sakes Garrett is getting so big!! What a sweetie~

    So this is the house that you were painting & glittering so painstakingly while we talked..LOL
    Good to know that I didn't distract you from creating a masterpiece!!

    It was great to be a part of each others Christmases! I enjoyed it ever so much!
    Now I look forward to Valentine's Day & my birthday!! 🙂

    Talk soon Sis!!…xoxo

  16. Good morning, Happy Pink Saturday, Baby Garret is absolutely adorable. Grandchildren are just the best aren’t they. Your talent is incredible.. I would be proud to have one of those on my gift any time of the year..
    I hope you have the best Pink Saturday ever.. hugs ~lynne~

  17. Congratulations on the birth of your grandson, Happy Pink Saturday and Happy New Year xx

  18. Everything is wonderful. The baby is a doll. I love your blog.

  19. merry christmas greetings to you! love your layour and pictures in poetic style and warmth of it all. happy new year too

  20. Happy Christmas, Muse! Your enchanting creations of pink are wonderful and your grandbaby is simply gorgeous!
    Glad to see you back from the North Pole!
    xo Isa

  21. What lovely vintage christmas decorations! Your grandson is adorable!

  22. i love all your creations! but the baby is the best!! aren’t grandchildren wonderful!!!

  23. That baby is just a little doll. I know you will have so much fun with him in the future. Love all the pink things you created.

  24. I absolutely love your creations–they are so intricate and beautiful. Your little grandson is the most adorable little fella ever!

  25. Cute rhyming words, cute tags, but that baby grandson of yours – cuter than anything I’ve seen today!

    Happy Pink Saturday!

  26. Oh I love all your little gift tags that you make..and that grand baby is so cute girl!! and I seen him in all his PINKness too cute.Happy Pink Saturday to you…hugs and smiles Gloria

  27. What a beautiful creative creature you are, Muse. I so enjoy all your ideas and thanks for sharing.

  28. Beautiful Grandson, Muse!

    Be safe getting back to us.

  29. What a sweet baby boy! Happy Pink Saturday!

  30. Hi! congrats!so cute boy!
    have a great weekend and wonderful new year!!
    visit me anytime…


  31. Love the pink house and Garret…too cute! Happy Pink Saturday and New Year!

  32. Awww…your grandson is just the perfect shade of pink! Congratulations!
    Have a wonderful Pink Saturday and a Happy New Year!!

  33. your handiwork is awesome.absolutely awesome.congrats on a new baby.Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  34. Everything is oh so beautiful! But that Grandson of yours is by far the most precious of all.

  35. Ohhhhhh Muse! You saved the best little pinkness for last, didn’t you? He is so cute! I got the news that I have another grandbaby on the way as my gift this year! Happy New Year…Debbie

  36. Hi Muse,
    Your grandson is so precious!!!

    I LOVE your tags and car and the house is fabulous!!! Just beautiful!

  37. Sweet Pink Saturday post. Especially your cutie pie g’baby!

  38. I am not surprised that you found one…as you tend to hang on to them. You may do as you wish…it matters not to me.

  39. Isn’t grandkids the best?
    Love all your pinkness!
    Happy Pink Saturday…
    Love, Ann

  40. Hi, the Muse, your grandson is so cute and you snapshot such a lovely look of him with your camera – it’s adorable. Your Pink Saturday is even pinker than my blog (all your letters and Christmas decorations are pink). Enjoy very much reading your blog. Thanks a lot!

  41. Oh! I adore the pink delights, and what more delightful than Garret! What a cutie! Squishy! 🙂

  42. Aw! Garrett is adorable!

    Love all your pink pretties. 🙂

  43. Awww, what a cutie pie your grandson is!!! 🙂 I hope your Christmas was lovely, Pansy! So glad you liked your gift. I made it just for you because I know how much you love coconut! 🙂

    Have you checked out the MB website lately? I have to post about it on my blog as soon as I have a chance but just very recently we had some of our goodies in a photo shoot for a French beauty book coming out some time in 2009. We sent some of our goodies to use for the photo shoot and now we have some fabulous photos of our goodies and pinup models on our website! I think they’re just gorgeous. Take a peek.:) The photos are on our home page, shop page and specials page.
    We even added our Gingerbread Man Soap to our Bakery Collection. He’s a pretty popular little guy…lol..

    Have a fabulous day Pansy. Mwah!! xxxxoooo

  44. What lovely pinks..and the sweetest baby. What more could anyone ask for???? 🙂

  45. Everything is lovely, and the baby is perfection :o)

  46. You are quite the crafty one! Love all the pinks.

    I must say Baby Garret is a cutie. Love the name – my maiden name is Garrett. One of my daughter’s plans to use it, if she has a boy.

  47. Absolutely lovely! Did you make those?

    Your new grandson is absolutely adorable, look at that sweet face!!! Congratulations on being a Muse Nanny!

  48. Happy Pink Saturday, Muse, I’m so glad you could join us! Your pink bottle brush trees are so sweet, and the new grandson is sweeter. Nothing like a half-bare baby to elicit a smile :o)

    I joined your word game, too, it’s a terrific idea. Have a warm and wonderful New Year!


  49. You have a gorgeous Grandson, Muse! And you are very creative! I love reading your posts!


  50. A new grandson, have you? 🙂


    And yes, I do agree, nothing is as pink as he! 🙂

  51. Awwww congratulations on your Grandson, and happy belated pink Saturday.

  52. I find it amazing when someone leaves me a comment and I’ve never heard of them, my sweet musing chickee! How absolutely stunning to find such a site that speaks to my heart on such an early morning towards the end of the year and on the morning I prepare to have some kidney stones “zapped”! I’ve added you to my Google Reader so I don’t miss a post of yours for one more day.

    Yessssss, grandchildren are the “bestest things” in this world. Christmas season is the “bestest season/holiday” in this life also.

    I’ve so enjoyed your blog and appreciate your comments on mine.

    Hallelujah to this season!

    Smooches to you and yours, sweetpea,
    Connie – another Nana………

  53. Talented friend you have adorable grandson!

  54. Love your house (I want to make one!) but your grandson is the sweetest thing in the post. Congrats! Ain’t being a grandma grand?

  55. The vintage tags are beautiful and so is your baby grandson…thanks for your recent visit to my blog….

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