Will I print or download the same color(s) I see on my monitor?
Due to differences in computer monitors, we cannot guarantee the color you get will exactly match what you have seen on your screen. We strive to utilize the highest caliber of equipment available to create our digital artwork downloads. Color perception from a monitor/screen/device relies on:

  • Pixels ~ small dots, the blocks of digital imaging, they combine to form a picture/image.
  • RGB Wave ~  acronym for the red, green and blue pixels which blend like paint to facilitate making a plethora of new color hues/tints.
  • Bit Depth ~ the total number of bits your device uses to indicate the color of a solitary pixel; the higher your bit depth, in turn, the more RGB wave pixels will be displayed on your screen. The higher the depth; the more precise color rendering takes place,
  • Display Resolution ~ this relates to the finite number of distinct pixels in each dimension that can be displayed / most devices allow you to adjust screen monitors. We recommend however you confirm with your device’s manual or seek help from a professional should your device no longer be showing images in color waves or resolution that make it feasible to use comfortably.

Can I have a sample?
Sorry, we do not send samples of our creative works, other than the free downloads already offered.

When will my item be ready for download?
In most cases download files are accessible immediately after payment is cleared. However unforeseen internet status is not within our control. We strive to fill every order with diligence.

I need to convert my high quality dpi PDF digital download!
PDF files are our go to choice for downloadable art here at Poetic Pastries; however, sometimes you may made need a jpg. png. gif. tiff. webp. ico. bmp. svg. file format. Searching for keyword terms such as “free file conversion” will display a myriad of options such as Online Converter – thus resolving any issues you may have regarding file extension needs.

How do I personalize these files?
Poetic Pastries loves Adobe, but any photo editor will allow you to customize text, add images and change color waves of your purchased digital downloaded art. Simply upload and open these art files in the editor of your choice. (fyi if you are somewhat familiar with editing here is a good article; Photolemur  but for true novices we suggest; Fun Life Crisis – who has a tutorial on using the basic Photoscape which is provided free of charge. Finding an editor that appeals to your sensibilities is entirely your judgement. Experimenting is half the fun!

Can you create something special for me?
This depends upon Poetic Pastries work status; we love making clients dreams come true, so we encourage you to contact the Studio!

How many copies can I make?
The number of copies you are allowed to make/print/upload after your purchase is completed is limitless; your download purchase from Poetic Pastries Studio normally allows for two downloads from the shop and 7 days to pick up your unique online digital art files. After that, all personal use quantities are at your discretion.

I love a design but don’t want to DIY (example; iron on transfer, vinyl cutting, custom printing) what can I do?
We can assist you in moving any of our Poetic Pastries designs to a variety of home decor, (such as wall art, pillows, blankets etc.) clothing and print media products, for your personal use. Our partnership with a variety of POD companies allows us the flexibility to offer this customer service option.

I can get free printables when I search online – Why should I buy them?
Poetic Pastries whimsical world of illustration has captivated hearts since 1999. The reviews for the studio are quite compelling. We believe the attention to artistic detail, the ability to personalize Poetic Pastries designs and the variety of styles offered are exceptional (of course, we are a bit biased). Should you find a free printable that meets all your needs, by all means try it. Muse encourages everyone to reach into the world of art ~ we simply hope you will pull out a prize!