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This week has seen a vast amount activity and creativity in the realm of all things Wedding Invitation related. Could it be brides are already planning spring weddings? I believe so. Like many brides to be, preparation is key. Once she accepts her love’s engagement, game on LOL – Save the Date postcards are a relatively new phenomena in the world of weddings. When I offer any Wedding Invitation design be it at Zazzle or for retail licensed art, I implement a Save the Date card to compliment the style of the Wedding Invitation. Add to that, an artfully designed Wedding Invitation Envelope and a memorable Thank You postcard; brides who select designs from Poetic Pastries can be assured an elegant guest package wherein all their ephemera co-ordinates.

Unique sampling of my personally designed Invitations/Gifts etc. delightfully simple to artistically complex – various visions for theme styled wedding, party events and romance regarding the day…Themed Wedding Sets include, Save the Date, Invitations, Envelopes and Thank You cards. Check the Top Sellers list for the best of Poetic Pastries. See an art design you love but it is not on your choice of product? ~ Drop me a message and I will take care of it for you!
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Wedding Invitation History

There are actually documented cases of wedding invitations found in caves, but by the early 1700s, wedding invitations were typically verbalized. In fact, they were usually issued in a loud manner. If someone heard the invitation, they could attend the wedding, unless of course there was bad blood between the families. These invitations were typically announced by a town crier.

Why weren’t the invitations handwritten? Many people simply couldn’t read, so the invitations had to be orally announced. Of course, this didn’t apply to the wealthier families and royal families. Monks were well-known for their beautiful handwriting. Their calligraphy was highly coveted, and they were often commissioned to write wedding invitations by those who could afford to do so. Many of these families also had the family crest added to the invitation. This was also used as a means for identifying the family to those who were virtually illiterate.


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