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phshpseemyhdr.optzHave you read a book written by Muse?
Enigmatic Evolution?
The Little Sprout?

……If your answer is YES ~
Muse would like to invite you to give a brief review.
You are under no obligation.
How and Where:Go to the Museland Page (public one)
Look to the left and clicking the Discussions tab.
There you will see books listed by title.
Muse would much appreciate your thoughts and believes that reviews will be helpful to others who are thinking of purchasing her work.

Your fb review may be copied and pasted in any of these locations:

(post as blog comment)





Thank you so very kindly~And please let Ms Muse know where you have left your review. Two reviews will be chosen for the back cover of her next book~


Comments courtesy of fb feed history
Raquel Amaral

Raquel Amaral Enigmatic Evolution, “And be most grateful for what your king brings.” Aw yes everyday I say Thank you!

Deb DiSalvo

Deb DiSalvo getting Little Sprout today! smile emoticon

Faye Metcalf

Faye Metcalf Enigmatic Evolution, love it.

Wendy Halford Crowley

Wendy Halford Crowley Having read and loved all three I am working on reviews for Sprout and Enigmatic Evolution. I will leave the one I wrote for Anthesis and left on Amazon at the locations provided! Letting others know about your work is the least I can do, for as much as I love it !! :o)

Katherine Hanna Ingram

Katherine Hanna Ingram Love The Little Sprout! Sweet little Fellow…

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